Setting the Trend: Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with X

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Choosing your baby’s name is like crafting his first gift – a unique identity. Dive into our list of Australian baby boy names starting with X, each brimming with charm and character, ready to resonate with your little one’s personality.

Notable People With Names Starting With X

Take inspiration from world-renowned figures like Xander Berkeley, a well-respected actor in the US known for his diverse roles in both film and television. Or perhaps Xavier Becerra, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, whose leadership and dedication inspire many. These notable figures showcase the strength and uniqueness of names starting with X.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
XanderZander, SanderDefender of the people
XaneZane, ZaineGod’s grace
XimonSimon, SimeonHe who hears/listens
XavionZavion, SaviyonNew house or bright
XerxesZerkses, SerksesRuler over heroes

Thank you for joining us in exploring a few Australian baby boy names starting with X. We hope our list has sparked your imagination and provided you with plenty of inspiration. Continue feeding your curiosity and enriching your baby naming journey by exploring more of our unique and comprehensive baby name idea lists here on our site. Happy naming!

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