50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting With V: Vibrant Picks

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Hey there, future momma! If you’re stepping into the thrilling journey of choosing your baby’s name, we’ve got something special. How about exploring some vibrant and unique Australian boy names starting with V?

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting With V

Vernon, an elegant choice from our list, holds quite some significance. Vernon Baker, a distinguished World War II hero, and Vernon Adams, a talented professional football quarterback, are just two examples who carry this charming name, demonstrating strength and success.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. VernonVern, VernePlace of alders
2. VinceVin, Vinnie, VincentConquering
3. VerneVern, VernonAlder tree
4. VidalVid, VitalLife
5. VaneVan, VainFlag, Banner
6. ValVall, VallePower, Strength
7. ValorValor, ValoreCourage, Bravery
8. VesperVes, VespyEvening star
9. VaughnVon, VaughanSmall
10. ValeVal, VaelValley
11. VictorVic, VickyConqueror
12. VegaVeg, VeggieFalling star
13. VitoVit, VittieLife
14. VanceVan, VancyThresher
15. VanVann, VanneSmall
16. VenturaVent, ToryGood fortune
17. VinsonVin, SonnySon of Vincent
18. VireoVir, VireyGreen bird
19. VernerVern, VerneArmy, warrior
20. VirendraViren, IndraBrave lord
21. VangeloVan, GeloGood news
22. VirgilVirg, VirgieThriving
23. VegaVeg, VegaFalling star
24. VasiliosVas, VasilKingly
25. VardenVard, DenGreen slope
26. VianVi, VianyFull of life
27. VerelVer, VerellFar away
28. VerillVer, VerlyTrue
29. ValentinVal, TinHealth, Love
30. VerdellVer, DellGreen, Fresh
31. VerlinVer, LinSincere
32. VanderVan, DerFrom the family of
33. VinicioVin, NicoVineyard
34. VittorioVic, RioConqueror
35. VailVaile, ValeValley
36. VarroVar, VarrieDurable, Stout
37. VernerVern, VerneDefending army
38. ViggoVig, ViggieWar
39. ValentineVal, TinyHealth, Love
40. VanyaVan, AnyaGod is gracious
41. VardonVar, DonGreen hill
42. VarrickVar, RickRuler with an army
43. VaunVau, VoneLittle
44. VireoVi, ReoA type of bird
45. VulcanVul, CanGod of Fire
46. VittoreVit, ToreConqueror
47. VaderVade, VadesFather
48. VasileVas, VaseRoyal, Kingly
49. VaydenVay, DenLittle fighter
50. VardenVard, DenFrom the green hill

Thanks for taking the trip with us through our list of 50 Australian baby boy names starting with V! We hope it brought you closer to finding that perfect name for your little one. Stay inspired and don’t forget to explore more unique baby name ideas on our site. Happy Naming!

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