Lead With Love: 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With L

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Hey there, radiant mom-to-be! Get ready to embark on an enlightening journey as we dive into the world of 50 biblical baby boy names beginning with L. Each name is steeped in spiritual significance, ready to bless your little one.

Notable People with Biblical Boy Names Beginning with L

Our list includes names like Leonardo DiCaprio, the talented and inspiring actor known for his charismatic roles, and Luke Bryan, the chart-topping country singer. Also, Liam Neeson, the versatile actor with his powerful performances, carries a name from our compelling list.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LabanLaben, LeybanWhite
LamechLamek, LameckPowerful
LazarusLazaro, LazareGod has helped
LeviLevy, LevieJoined, attached
LiamLyam, LliamStrong-willed warrior
LinusLinas, LynusFlaxen-colored
LuciusLucious, LukiusLight
LukeLukas, LoukasLight
LyleLisle, LyllThe island
LyndonLindon, LindenFlexible
LazarLazare, LazGod has helped
LeanderLiander, LeandarLion man
LemuelLemmuel, LemualDevoted to God
LennanLennin, LennonLover
LeoLeos, LeohLion
LeonLeone, LeohnLion
LeonardLeonardo, LenardBrave lion
LeroyLeeroy, LeroiThe king
LesterLestor, LestarFrom Leicester
LevanLevon, LevenLife
LevinLeevin, LevynJoined, attached
LewisLouis, LuisFamous warrior
LironLyron, LiranMy song
LloydLoyd, LlwydGray
LoganLogen, LogonLittle hollow
LonnieLonny, LoniNoble, ready
LoranLorin, LorynLaurel
LorenLorenz, LorensLaurel-crowned
LorenzoLorenz, LaurenceLaurel-crowned
LoringLorring, LoringgFamous warrior
LotanLoten, LottanCovered, concealed
LouisLewis, LuisFamous warrior
LowellLowel, LouellLittle wolf
LucasLukas, LoukasLight
LudovicLudovico, LudwickFamous warrior
LudwigLudvig, LudwickFamous warrior
LunnLonn, LunnStrong, warlike
LyleLyel, LielIsland
LynwoodLineood, LinwoodLinden tree hill

And that’s a wrap on our journey through 50 biblical baby boy names beginning with L! We hope this list has sparked your imagination and narrowed your search for the perfect name for your baby boy. Remember, the adventure doesn’t end here – continue exploring more name lists on our site. Let the names inspire you, happy naming!

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