Let Love Lead: 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With L

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Hello, radiant mama-to-be! Let’s journey through an alphabet of love with 50 biblical baby girl names beginning with L. Each name is a small testament to faith, designed to bless your little angel’s life.

Notable People with Biblical Girl Names Beginning with L

Our list features names like Laura Bush, the former first lady known for her grace and poise, and Lucy Liu, the talented actress recognized for her diverse roles. Also, Leah Remini, the brave actress who uses her voice and platform to speak against injustice, carries one of these inspiring names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LaelLaele, LaellOf God
LahelaLahella, LahelEwe
LailaLayla, LeilaNight
LakiaLakeia, LakeaTo ascend
LamechLamek, LamekaPowerful
LanaLanna, LannahRock, precious stone
LaraLarae, LaranProtection
LashaLasha, LasheaJoyful
LeahLea, LeighWeary
LeannaLeeanna, LeanaGraceful willow
LedaLedah, LidaMother of Helen
LeeLeigh, LeaMeadow or pasture
LeiaLeya, LeiahWeary
LelaLeila, LeelaDark, night
LenaLeena, LinaAlluring
LevanaLevania, LevanahWhite, moon
LiaLeia, LyaWeary
LianaLianna, LeannaTo twine around
LibbyLibbie, LibbiGod’s promise
LilaLeila, LyllaNight
LillianLilian, LilliannLily flower
LilyLilly, LillieLilly flower
LindaLynda, LindahPretty
LioraLeora, LyoraMy light
LisaLiza, LeesaGod’s promise
LoisLoise, LoyceSuperior
LolaLolla, LolahLady of sorrows
LonaLonna, LonahSolitary
LoraLaura, LorahCrown of laurels
LorindaLorindah, LoryndaBeautiful
LornaLornah, LornaLonesome
LucindaLucinda, LucindahIllumination
LuellaLuellah, LuelaFamous warrior
LuluLoulou, LulouPearl
LuraLurah, LouraInspiration
LydiaLidia, LydiahBeautiful one
LynLynn, LynneWaterfall
LyraLira, LyrahLyre
LysandraLisandra, LysandrahLiberator
LysbetLisbet, LysbethGod’s promise
LyviaLyviah, LivyaEnvious

And there we have it – our inspiring journey through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with L. We hope this list has stoked your imagination and perhaps helped in finding the perfect name for your baby girl. Remember, this is just one of many lists available on our site to fuel your naming journey. Happy naming!

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