Knit With Love: 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With K

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Hello, glowing mama-to-be! Let’s embark on an adventurous journey together, exploring the divine beauty of 50 biblical baby girl names beginning with K. Each name is a testament to profound meanings, ready to bless your little angel.

Notable People with Biblical Girl Names Beginning with K

Our list is graced with names like Keira Knightley, the talented actress known for her roles in films like “Pride and Prejudice”, and Kylie Minogue, the iconic pop star and actress. Also, Kristen Bell, the admired actress and singer known for her voice role in “Frozen”, carries one of these poignant names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KaciaKacia, KacyaThorny tree
KaelaKayla, KailaLaurel crown
KairaKyra, KieraPure
KaitlynKatelyn, CaitlynPure
KalahKala, KalahRose, bud
KamilaKamilla, CamilaPerfect
KandaceCandace, KandacePure, innocent
KaraCara, KeraDear, friend
KarenaKareena, CarinaPure
KariKarry, CarriePure
KarissaCarissa, KarisaGrace, kindness
KarlaCarla, KarrlaStrong, womanly
KarmenCarmen, KarminSong, garden
KassandraCassandra, KasandraProphetess
KatelynCaitlyn, KaitlynPure
KathleenKathlene, CathleenPure
KatrielKatrielle, KatrielGod is my crown
KavyaKavyaa, KaviaPoetry, poem
KayleeKaylie, KaileePure
KaziaKaziah, KazyaPlant them
KeilahKeila, KeylaCitadel
KendaKendah, KendaaWater baby
KerenKaren, KerenhHorn, ray of light
KeshetKeshit, KeshatRainbow
KesiaKezia, KeeshaCinnamon
KeturahKettura, KaturaIncense
KeziahKiziah, KezahCinnamon spice
KiahKia, KeahSeason’s end
KinneretKineret, KynneretHarp
KiraKyra, KeiraAs a ray
KismetKismat, KizmetDestiny, fate
KissaKisa, KisahFirst child
KitraKitrah, KietraCrowned one
KizzyKizzi, KizziyahCinnamon
KlaraClara, KlairaBright, clear
KoraCora, KorahMaiden
KorenCoren, KorynMaiden
KristaChrista, KrystaFollower of Christ
KrystalCrystal, KrystleCrystal, ice
KylieKyli, KileyBeautiful, graceful
KyraKira, KeiraLord
KerenKarin, KerrinRay of light
KeshiaKeisha, KeshaGreat joy
KinneretKinnaret, KinnerettMusical instrument
KeturahKetura, KeturaahFragrance

And there we have it, our enlightening journey through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with K has come to a close. We hope this list has stoked your imagination and perhaps, discovered the perfect name for your baby girl. Continue the naming adventure by exploring more lists on our site. Happy naming!

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