Uncover Treasures in 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with N

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Hey there, future mama! Let’s take a journey down under to explore 50 Australian baby girl names starting with N that are as unique and charming as your little one will be. Ready to find that perfect name?

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with N

From pop culture to politics, several influential figures bear these endearing names. One example is Naomi Watts, an acclaimed actress with Australian roots, known for her mesmerizing performances and philanthropic work.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. NadiaNadya, NadeaHope
2. NaomiNaomiePleasant
3. NarelleNarellSea
4. NatalieNatalia, NataliBirth
5. NatashaNatashia, NatasjaBorn on Christmas Day
6. NeaNia, NeahNew, Fresh
7. NeilaNila, NelaChampion
8. NellNelle, NellaBright one
9. NessaNess, NysaPure
10. NiamhNeve, NieveBright
11. NicciNikki, NickiVictory of the people
12. NikitaNakita, NakeetaUnconquered
13. NinaNena, NinahLittle girl
14. NitaNeeta, NitahGuide
15. NoelNoelle, NoelaChristmas
16. NolaNolah, NolleFair shoulder
17. NoraNorah, NorraLight
18. NovaNovahNew
19. NylaNylah, NilaWinner
20. NyreeNyrie, NireeFlame
21. NarelleNarellaSea
22. NisaNissa, NyssaWoman
23. NysaNisa, NyshaGoal
24. NanetteNannetteGrace
25. NelNell, NellyBright, Shining
26. NiaNea, NyahPurpose
27. NikaNica, NykaPeople’s victory
28. NonaNonna, NonyaNine
29. NualaNula, NuallaWhite shoulders
30. NadyaNadia, NadiyaHopeful
31. NikkiNicky, NickeyPeople’s victory
32. NylaNylah, NyelaCloud
33. NessaNesa, NessyPure, Holy
34. NettieNett, NettiClean, Pure
35. NiamhNeave, NeevBrightness
36. NoaNoahMovement
37. NoemiNoemy, NoamieDelight
38. NolaNolah, NollahNoble
39. NormaNormahRule
40. NylaNylah, NyelaWinner
41. NaomiNaomie, NaomeePleasant
42. NaraNaria, NarraHappy
43. NavaNavah, NaveaBeautiful
44. NellieNelly, NeliShining
45. NeveNeva, NeeveSnowy
46. NikoleNicole, NickoleVictory of the people
47. NoriNorrie, NorryTradition
48. NovaNovahNew
49. NulaNoola, NuulaPeaceful
50. NyekaNyika, NyakaBright star

That wraps up our list of 50 Australian baby girl names starting with N! Thanks for joining our naming adventure. Stay inspired and explore more of our unique baby name lists on our site as you prepare to choose the perfect name for your little one. Happy naming, mama!

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