50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with N: Unique Picks Just for You

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Hey there, mom-to-be! If you’re on the lookout for a unique, captivating name that starts with an ‘N’ for your little man, you’re in just the right place! Our list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with N might have the perfect choice just for your baby.

Notable People with Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with N

From actors to musicians, various people have made their mark carrying names that start with ‘N’. Hollywood star, Nicolas Cage, and popular singer/songwriter, Nick Cave, are great examples of personalities defining the charm that comes with the letter ‘N’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. NedEdward, EdwinWealthy Guardian
2. NolinNolan, NolandNoble, Famous
3. NyeNigh, NaiIslander
4. NoelNoell, NoëlChristmas
5. NorbertNorberto, NorbyBright North
6. NyleNile, NilesChampion
7. NewmanNeuman, NeumannNewcomer
8. NeilNeal, NealeCloud
9. NashNashe, NaisheBy the Ash Tree
10. NortonNorrington, NortanNorthern Town
11. NairnNaren, NairneRiver With Alder Trees
12. NathanNate, NathanielGift of God
13. NaylorNailer, NailorNail Maker
14. NyallNiall, NyleChampion
15. NelsonNilson, NeilsonSon of Neil
16. NevinNevyn, NevinsHoly, Sacred
17. NialNihal, NealChampion
18. NolanNoland, NolinFamous, Noble
19. NashuaNash, NashwanDouble thatched house
20. NortonNortan, NorrtonNorthern town
21. NevNave, NeaveNew village
22. NapierNapper, NaperLinen Keeper
23. NigelNigal, NigleDark Night
24. NaimNa’im, NaeemContent, Comfortable
25. NewellNeel, NyellNew Hall
26. NadirNader, NadeerDear, Rare
27. NorthNorthe, NortFrom the North
28. NorrisNoris, NorrysFrom the North
29. NapoleanNapoleon, NapoleoneLion of the forest dell
30. NobleNobilis, NobileNoble, Aristocratic
31. NereusNereo, NereasSea God
32. NicanorNic, NicanoVictory Bearer
33. NestorNester, NastorReturn Home
34. NeoNeoh, NeowNew, Fresh
35. NeptuneNeptuno, NeptunusGod of the Sea
36. NuriNury, NurieMy Fire
37. NylesNiles, NyelesChampion
38. NemoNimo, NemóNobody
39. NethanNethane, NethynGod’s gift
40. NemesisNemesys, NemesiRetribution
41. NardNerd, NurdFragrant
42. NasirNasire, NaseerHelper, Protector
43. NissyNisy, NissueHelpful
44. NielsNiles, NilesChampion or passionate
45. NikolasNicholas, NikPeople’s Victory
46. NilesNiels, NylesChampion or passionate
47. NeronNero, NerronSea fort
48. NicodemusNico, NickInnocent blood
49. NoamNoame, NoaamPleasantness, Charm
50. NygelNigel, NigleCloud

That’s a wrap on our list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with N. Thanks for allowing us to be part of your baby naming journey. Remember, the perfect name for your little one could just be a click away. Continue exploring our other baby name lists for more inspiration. Happy naming!

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