50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with M: Explore Aussie-inspired Choices

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Hey there, mama-to-be! I know picking the perfect name for your little one can be a bit daunting. But sometimes, inspiration comes from the most unexpected places – like our list of 50 Australian baby boy names starting with M. Ready to dive into these unique, Aussie-inspired names?

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with M

From entertainment to sports, men with Australian names starting with M have made their mark. Take ‘Mick Fanning’, a world champion surfer with an Aussie name as cool as his moves. Or ‘Malcolm Turnbull’, a former Australian Prime Minister whose name embodies leadership. Their success could be a fun tidbit to share when people ask about your baby’s unique name!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. MatthewMatt, MathewGift of the Lord
2. MichaelMike, Mick, MikeyWho is like God
3. MasonMaysonWorker in stone
4. MaxMaxwell, MaximilianThe greatest
5. MarcusMarc, MarkWarlike
6. MitchellMitchWho is like God
7. MalcolmMal, MalcomDisciple of Saint Columba
8. MartinMarty, MartynOf Mars, the god of war, warlike
9. MurrayMurrey, MurrySea warrior
10. MauriceMaury, MorrisDark-skinned
11. MorganMorg, MorgyBy the sea
12. MiloMilos, MiloeMerciful, soldier
13. MontgomeryMonty, MontiMountain belonging to the ruler
14. MackenzieMack, KenzieSon of the wise ruler
15. MaverickMav, MaviIndependent, nonconformist
16. MagnusMag, ManusGreat
17. MarshallMarsh, MarshellHorse servant
18. MarlonMarl, MarlinSea
19. MelvinMel, MelvGentle lord
20. MaddoxMaddy, MaddGood
21. MerlinMerle, MerlynSea fortress
22. MervynMerv, MervinSea hill
23. MorrisMorrie, MorrisonDark-skinned
24. MurphyMurph, MuriSea warrior
25. MortimerMort, MortyDead sea
26. MarvinMarv, MarvenFriend of the sea
27. MauriceMorris, MauryDark-skinned, Moorish
28. MertonMert, MertyFrom the sea town
29. MarleyMar, MarlFrom the meadow near the lake
30. MaddenMaddy, MaddiLittle dog
31. MaddisonMaddy, MaddiSon of Maud
32. MeldonMel, MeldyMill hill
33. MonroeMonroMouth of the Ro river
34. MontgomeryMonty, MontiMan power
35. MatlockMatty, MatPowerful in battle
36. MercerMerce, CercyStorekeeper
37. MillardMill, MillsGuardian of the mill
38. MaldenMal, MaldePowerful friend
39. MertonMert, MertyTown by the lake
40. MedwinMed, MeddyPowerful friend
41. MertonMert, MertyFrom the sea town
42. MerrillMer, MerillShining sea
43. MelvilleMel, MelvMill town
44. MilburnMil, MilbyMill stream
45. MortMorti, MortieFrom the stagnant lake
46. MyronMyr, MironFragrant, an aromatic shrub
47. MulderMul, MuldyMill worker
48. ManderMan, MandFrom the valley
49. MervinMerv, VinSea friend
50. MansonMan, MansSon of Magnus

That’s a wrap on our list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with M! We hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey down under. Remember, the perfect name for your baby is the one that feels right to you. For more unique baby name ideas, feel free to explore our extensive lists on our site. Happy naming, mama!

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