50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with O to Make Your Son Stand Out

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Choosing the right name for your little one is a journey of love and discovery. We’re here to join you on this adventure with our list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with O, all imbued with charm and character. Let’s find that one name that resonates with your heart and your hopes for your baby boy.

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with O

Take inspiration from famous personalities bearing some of these unique O-starting monikers. Australian cricketer ‘Oscar’ McGuire, and Oscar-winning actor ‘Oliver’ Jackson-Cohen are just a few who have made a mark with their names. Their victories and achievements might be the story you’ll share with your son someday.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. OliverOllie, OlivierOlive Tree
2. OscarOskar, OssieDivine Spear
3. OwenOwain, EwenYoung Warrior
4. OrlanOrland, OrlynFamous Land
5. OrsonOrsen, OrsinBear Cub
6. OttoOttis, OthoWealthy
7. OrionOryan, OrienRising in the Sky
8. OrleansOrlean, OrleinGolden
9. OthelloOtho, OtelloProsperous
10. OrienOren, OrinThe Orient, East
11. OsmondOsmand, OsmonDivine Protection
12. OctaviusOctavio, OctaveEighth Son
13. OdellOdel, OdallWoad Hill
14. OakesOaks, OakNear the Oak Trees
15. ObadiahObadia, ObedServant of God
16. ObertOburt, ObirtBright, Renowned
17. OceaneOcean, OceanoOcean
18. OctavianOctavien, OctavianoEighth
19. OdhranOdhrin, OdhronLittle Pale Green One
20. OgdenOgdon, OgdanFrom the Oak Tree Valley
21. OmarOmarr, OmerFlourishing, Life
22. OmerOmi, OmarFlourishing, Life
23. OpieOpy, OpeeSon of the opens
24. OrpheusOrfus, OrfeusBeautiful Voice
25. OrvilleOrvill, OrvylGold Town
26. OsbornOsbourn, OsburnGod Bear
27. OswaldOswal, OswoldDivine Power
28. OtisOtys, OatisHe Who Hears Well
29. OvidOvidius, OvideSheep Keeper
30. OsrickOsruck, OsrikDivine Ruler
31. OakleyOkley, OakeyMead of Oaks
32. OsmarOsmarr, OzmarDivinely Glorious
33. OrlinOrlyn, OrlanEagle
34. OrtonOrtan, OrtenWealthy One
35. OsvaldoOsvald, OswaldGod’s Power
36. OsiasOzias, OsiahSalvation
37. OtwayOtwey, OttwayProsperous in War
38. OurayOurai, OuraeArrow
39. OvidioOvid, OvidiuSheep Keeper
40. OxleyOxsley, OxeleyOx Clearing
41. OzzieOzzy, OziDivine Spear
42. OsgoodOzgood, OsgodGod is Good
43. OrestesOreste, OrestMountain Dweller
44. OisinOsheen, OssianLittle Deer
45. OrvilleOrvil, OrvelGolden City
46. OrlanOrlyn, OrlandFamous Land
47. OziasOziah, OzyasSalvation
48. ObedObad, ObydServant
49. ObieObee, ObyWork of God
50. OnyxOnix, OnixxBlack Gemstone

To all the expectant moms out there, thanks for joining us on this journey through 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with O. Hopefully, you’ve found a name that speaks to you, a name that your son will carry proudly. Remember, there are countless more name idea lists waiting for you on our site, ready to inspire. So, let’s keep exploring together, because the perfect name for your little one is out there!

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