50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with M: Add Exotic Flair to Tradition

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Choosing a name for your little girl is like crafting her first story – a special narrative blending tradition and individuality. Let’s go on an exciting naming adventure and explore 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with M that holds promise for a unique tale!

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with M

Sashaying down the runway with an Aussie charm is Miranda Kerr, an acclaimed Victoria’s Secret model. Another shining example is actress Margot Robbie whose performances in Hollywood have enthralled global audiences. And let’s not forget Mia Wasikowska, who captured hearts as Alice in Wonderland!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MatildaTilda, MattyStrength in battle
MiaMya, MiahMine or dear
MadelynMadeline, MadalynHigh tower
MirandaMira, RandiAdmirable
MollyMollie, PollyBitter
MackenzieKenzie, MakySon of the wise ruler
MaiaMaya, MyaGreat Mother, or nurse
MelanieMelany, MelaniDark, black
MabelMabelle, MaybelLovable
MarthaMarta, MartiLady, mistress
MonicaMonika, MonaTo advise or counsel
MelodyMelodie, MelodiSong
MillieMilly, MillicentGentle strength
MyrtleMyrtie, MyrtaA plant, or an emblem of love
MarigoldMarygold, MarigoldeGolden flower
MarianneMaryanne, MariannCombination of Mary and Anne
MavisMavie, MaveSongbird
MakenzieMacKenzie, KenzieFair and favored
MarcellaMarcy, MarcieWarlike
MargotMargo, MargauxPearl
MaureenMoreen, MaurineBitter or sea of bitterness
MalindaMelinda, LindaGentle one or serpent
MorganMorgane, MorganaSeashore
MeganMeghan, MeaganPearl
MerylMeryle, MerillShining sea
MorwennaMorwen, WennaWaves of the sea
MercedesMercy, MerciMercies
MalloryMalorie, MalloreyUnfortunate or unlucky
MarvelMarvell, MarvaleTo wonder or admire
MelanieMelany, MellanieDark
MaeMay, MaiKinswoman
MeridaMeridah, MerydaOne who has achieved a high place of honor
MurielMurielle, MuriellaBright sea
MindyMinda, MindiHoney
MelbaMelbah, MelvaSoft or slender
MistyMistie, MystyCovered with mist
MelinaMelena, MelinahHoney
MillaMila, MiljaIndustrious
MaceyMacy, MasieWeapon
MauraMoira, MouraDark-skinned
MarlaMarlana, MarlenaFrom the hill by the lake
MyraMira, MyrahWonder
MarnieMarni, MarnyRejoice
MirandaRanda, MiraWorthy of admiration
MaidaMayda, MaidieMaiden
MaudeMaud, MaudieBattle-mighty
MarisMarisa, MarissaOf the sea
MoniqueMonika, MoniqAdvisor
MitziMitzy, MittieBitter
MarilynMarilynn, MarilyneBlend of Mary and Lyn

Thank you for journeying with us through this delightful list of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with M. We hope it ignited an excitement for choosing a name that’s as unique as your little one is. Feel inspired? Don’t hesitate to explore more baby name ideas on our site. Together, let’s weave a narrative that’s truly yours!

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