50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with L: Uncover the Perfect Name

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There’s nothing more thrilling than the anticipation of your new baby girl, especially when it comes to choosing her name. Our list of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with L is chock-full of unique, charming, and meaningful choices that are sure to resonate with your hopes for her bright future.

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with L

Did you know that some remarkable people share these Australian names starting with L? Take actress Lily Sullivan, known for her roles in “Picnic at Hanging Rock” and “Mental”. Or, consider musician Lenka, whose pop hits have won her international acclaim. These luminaries exemplify the strength and talent your baby girl might share with her Australian-inspired name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LeilaniLelani, LeylaniHeavenly flowers
LaraLarah, LarraProtection
LaceyLaci, LacyFrom Lacie
LydiaLidia, LydiyaNoble one
LanaLanna, LannahAttractive, peaceful
LilyLili, LilliePure, passionate
LolaLolah, LollaOur sorrows
LillianLilian, LilliannPurity, innocence
LauraLaure, LaurahLaurel-crowned
LaylaLeila, LailaNight, beauty
LilaLylla, LeelaNight
LuciaLuciah, LucjaLight
LucilleLucile, LucillLight
LouiseLuise, LouseRenowned warrior
LizaLysa, LyzaDedicated to God
LucindaLucindah, LucinnaLight
LeonieLeoni, LeonyLioness
LeonoraLeanora, LenoraCompassion, light
LexiLexie, LexyDefender of mankind
LornaLornah, LornaLorn
LorettaLoreta, LarettaSmall sage one
LoisLoise, LoysSuperior
LuluLuloo, LuluePearl
LenoreLenor, LenoraLight
LauretteLorette, LaurettaLittle laurel
LuellaLouella, LuelaFamous elf
LilahLyla, LylahNight
LeotaLeotah, LeottaOf the people
LetaLetah, LethaJoyful
LavenderLavendar, LavanderFragrant purple flower
LucetteLucetta, LuceteLight
LucianaLucianna, LucianeLight
LoveLovee, LoviAffection
LisetteLizette, LissettePledged to God
LucerneLucern, LucerneLight-bringing
LouiseLuisa, LuiseRenowned warrior
LaurentineLaurentin, LaurentinaFrom Laurentum
LaverneLavern, LavernaLike a spring
LeandraLiandra, LeandriaLioness
LuzLuzz, LuzeLight
LudaLudah, LuddaLoved by all
LysaLisa, LyssaHoney
LourdesLurdes, LourdCraggy slope
LydiaLiddia, LydiahKind, kindred spirit
LornaLorna, LornahAlone
LeenaLena, LinaTender
LataLaeta, LatahCreeper, vine
LanaLanah, LannaRock
LouisaLuisa, LuseRenowned fighter
LeithLeeth, LeitheBroad river

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with L. We hope it has sparked inspiration in your search for the perfect name for your little one. Remember, each name holds a unique story and potential for your baby girl. We invite you to explore more of our curated baby name lists on our site and continue your exciting naming journey!

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