50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with L: From Local to Global Trends

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Hunting for that perfect name for your baby boy can be such a roller coaster, right? What if we ventured a little outside our usual and explored some Australian names starting with L? Trust me, these are gems you’ll want to know about!

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with L

Did you know, Liam Hemsworth, the charming Australian actor known for the ‘Hunger Games’ series, carries one of these captivating ‘L’ names? Or take the Formula 1 racer, Lewis Hamilton. These influential figures highlight the potential prestige and elegance an Australian ‘L’ name can offer.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LiamLyam, LeamResolute protector
LucasLukas, LuccasLight, illumination
LachlanLochlan, LocklynFrom the land of lakes
LeviLevy, LevieJoined, attached
LoganLogen, LogganSmall hollow
LukeLuc, LukLight
LeonardLeo, LeonBrave lion
LincolnLinkoln, LynkonSettlement by the pool
LawsonLawsen, LawsynSon of Lawrence
LouisLewis, LewysRenowned warrior
LeightonLayton, LeytonMeadow town
LanceLantz, LanzLand
LaytonLeyton, LeightonHerb garden
LutherLuthor, LutharPeople army
LeroyLeRoy, LeeRoyThe king
LyleLyel, LylIsland
LionelLyonel, LynelYoung lion
LowellLowel, LowalDear one
LennoxLennex, LennocsWith many elm trees
LyndonLindon, LindenLinden tree hill
LelandLeyland, LeelandFallow land
LeopoldLeopald, LepoldBold people
LennieLeni, LenyHard, vigorous
LeifLeaf, LeefHeir, descendant
LynleyLinley, LynleeFlax meadow
LazerLaser, LazirGod will help
LoxleyLoxlee, LoxlieGlade by the loud river
LarkinLarken, LarkynRough, fierce
LarsLarz, LarssCrowned with laurel
LancelotLancelott, LanceloteAttendant
LafayetteLafayett, LafayetFaith
LexingtonLexingten, LexingtunTown of the new law
LuciusLucious, LucisLight
LawrieLowe, LauLaurel
LeverettLeveret, LeveritYoung rabbit
LaertesLaertis, LaertyPeople army
LorneLorn, LoarnFox
LlewelynLlewellen, LlewellinLike a lion
LaithLaithe, LaethLion
LandryLandri, LandrieRuler
LawsonLawsone, LawsenSon of Lawrence
LysanderLisander, LyssanderLiberator
LeandroLeandros, LeandresLion man
LuigiLuis, LuisiRenowned warrior
LaramieLaremie, LarimieCanopy of leafy boughs
LarueLaRoux, LaRueThe street
LeventLevente, LevantRising, East
LundyLundie, LundiMarsh
LaramyLarami, LaramieLane with a hedge

Thank you for joining us on this Australian naming adventure! We hope you found inspiration among these 50 Baby Boy Names Starting with L. Remember, the perfect name for your little one is a discovery away. Explore more of our unique baby name ideas and get inspired – your baby’s name could be just around the corner!

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