50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with K That are Trending Now

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Ever thought of venturing ‘down under’ for the perfect baby name? Well, buckle up, mamas! Our list of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with K is bound to tickle your fancy and maybe even seal the deal on your name hunt.

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with K

Whether it’s actress Kassandra Clementi or pop icon Kylie Minogue, Australian names beginning with K have been graced by some truly remarkable women. Their achievements in the arts, sports, and various other fields are a testament to the strength and versatility these names carry.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. KallieCallie, KalleighPure
2. KaiaKaya, CaiaSea
3. KaraCara, KarahPure
4. KatherineKate, KathyPure
5. KaylaKaela, KaylahCrown of laurels
6. KeiraKira, KieraDark-haired
7. KelsieKelsey, KelsiIsland of ships
8. KendraKendrah, KendarUnderstanding
9. KenzieMcKenzie, KenziFair one
10. KerryKerri, KeriDark-haired
11. KiaraChiara, KiarrBright
12. KimberleyKimberly, KimberleeFrom the wood of the royal forest
13. KinleyKenley, KinleeFrom the king’s meadow
14. KiraKeira, KyraThrone
15. KylaKyle, KylahNarrow spit of land
16. KylieKiley, KylyBoomerang
17. KiraKeira, KyraThrone
18. KirstenKristen, KerstinChristian
19. KitKitty, KittiPure
20. KoraCora, KoralMaiden
21. KieraKeira, KierraDark-haired
22. KarissaCarissa, KarisaGrace
23. KasidyCassidy, KassidiClever
24. KaitlynCaitlyn, KatelynPure
25. KarlaCarla, KharlaFree woman
26. KeelyKeeley, KelyBeautiful, handsome
27. KinsleyKingsley, KinsleeKing’s meadow
28. KeevaKiva, CaoimheBeautiful, gentle
29. KatalinaCatalina, KatarinaPure
30. KitKitty, KittiPure
31. KamilaCamilla, KamillaYoung ceremonial attendant
32. KylaKylah, KyraBeautiful, graceful
33. KourtneyCourtney, KortneyShort nose
34. KennaMcKenna, KennahBorn from fire
35. KeziaKeziah, KezzyCinnamon tree
36. KieranKieren, KeiranLittle dark one
37. KristyKristi, KristieFollower of Christ
38. KirstyKristy, KerstiChristian
39. KatalinaCatalina, KatarinaPure
40. KailynnKailyn, KaylinnKeeper of the keys
41. KeylaKayla, KaelaCrown of laurels
42. KennaMcKenna, KennahBorn from fire
43. KristinKristine, KristenFollower of Christ
44. KellieKelly, KelliWarrior
45. KaylieKaylee, KayleighWho is like God?
46. KassandraCassandra, KassieUnheeded prophetess
47. KimberKimbra, KimbriaFrom the royal fortress meadow
48. KeeganKeagan, KeganLittle fiery one
49. KariCary, CariPure
50. KodyKodee, KodeyHelpful

Thanks for joining us on this little adventure ‘down under’. We hope our list of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with K has sparked some ideas for your baby’s name. Remember, the perfect name is waiting for you – maybe on another of our insightful baby name lists! Keep exploring and happy naming!

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