50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with G: A Guide to Beautiful Names

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Hey there, mama-to-be! We know the search for that perfect baby name can be quite a rollercoaster. Let’s take a detour Down Under and discover the charm of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names starting with G – it’s brimming with excitement, just like your little bundle of joy soon will be!

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with G

Some famous faces share these lovely Australian baby girl names starting with G. For instance, Grace Otto is a celebrated Australian actress known for her roles in popular films like ‘The Proposition’. Then there’s Gemma Ward, the renowned model, and actress from Perth, who’s graced many a runway and silver screen alike.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GabriellaGabriel, Gabby, GabrielleGod is my strength
GenevieveGen, Ginny, GenieTribe woman
GiaGiana, Gianna, GiahGod’s gracious gift
GiorgiaGeorgia, Georgie, GeorginaFarmer
GiselleGizelle, Gizel, GiselaPledge
GraceGracie, Gracelyn, GracenCharm
GemmaJemma, Gem, GemmyPrecious stone
GloriaGlory, Gloriana, GloriGlory
GwendolynGwen, Gwenny, GwendolineWhite ring
GillianJillian, Gill, JillYouthful, Child of the gods
GretaGretta, Gretel, GrettyPearl
GeorgianaGeorgie, Georgianna, GiorgianaFarmer
GeraldineGerri, Gerry, GeriSpear ruler
GertrudeGerty, Gert, TrudyStrong spear
GillianGill, Jill, JillianYouthful
GracelynGracie, Grace, GraceyCombination of Grace and Lynn
GinaGinny, Geena, GenaWell-born, Noble
GladysGlady, Glade, GwladysCountry
GretchenGreta, Gretel, GrettaPearl
GwynethGwyn, Gwen, GwynneBlessed, Happy
GoldaGoldie, Gold, GoldeGold
GlorianaGloria, Glory, GloriannaGlory
GwynGwynn, Gwen, GwynneBlessed, Happy
GlenysGlenis, Glennis, GleniceClean, Holy
GermaineJermaine, Germain, GerminaBrother
GretelGreta, Gretchen, GrettaPearl
GardeniaGardena, Gardinia, GardeneaGarden’s flower
GwendaGwen, Gwendy, GwennieFair, Good
GingerGingie, Gingy, JingerPure
GenovevaJenoveva, Genoveffa, GenowefaWhite wave
GildaGildy, Gildie, GuildaGolden
GeraldaGeraldine, Geri, GerrySpear ruler
GeorgetteGeorgia, Georgie, GeorginaFarmer
GisselleGiselle, Gizelle, GisseleHostage
GlendaGlenna, Glendy, GleneaPure, Holy
GeralynGerolyn, Geraldine, GerrySpear ruler
GlynisGlenys, Glinys, GlennisPure, Holy
GelseyGelsy, GelseyJasmine
GoldieGolda, Gold, GoldeyGold
GiseleGizelle, Giselle, GiselaPledge
GitaGeeta, Gitta, GeetSong
GalinaGaleena, Gallina, GalenaLight
GizaGizah, Gyzah, GhizaPledge
GiliGiley, Gyley, GiliyJoy
GelseyGelsy, Gelsi, GelseeJasmine
GiovannaGiovana, Giavanna, GiovaniaGod is gracious
GlenaGlenda, Glena, GlennaGlen, Valley
GerdaGerde, Gerdi, GerdieProtected
GafnaGafnah, Gafina, GafnaaVine
GraniaGranya, Graniya, GraneaLove

That concludes our journey through 50 Australian Baby Girl Names starting with G. Thanks for sharing in this exciting adventure as we uncover unique and meaningful baby names from the land Down Under. Remember, choosing a name is just as exciting as waiting for your bundle of joy. Feel free to dive deeper into the world of baby names by exploring more of our curated lists on our site. Here’s to finding that perfect name!

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