50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with F for a Unique Identity

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Choosing a baby name is like weaving a dream for your little one. Our list of “50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with F” gifts you the thrill of unearthing unique gems straight from the heart of the Outback!

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with F

Let’s look at some inspiring individuals who’ve graced their Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with F. Frances Abbott, daughter of the former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, is a fitness enthusiast and influencer. Fifi Box, a beloved Australian radio broadcaster, TV presenter and actress, is another name that shines bright. And let’s not forget the versatile actress Frances O’Connor, whose performances have made waves in Hollywood and beyond.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. FaithFayth, FaitheTrust, Belief
2. FayeFay, FaeFairy
3. FelicityFelicite, FelycityHappiness
4. FernFearne, FernnA green plant
5. FloraFlo, FlorinaFlower
6. FrancesFrancis, FrancineFree one
7. FreyaFreyja, FreiaNoble woman
8. FeliciaFelice, FelyssaFortunate, Happy
9. FionaFionna, FyonaFair, White
10. FrankieFranki, FrankyFree or truthful
11. FridaFreeda, FredaPeace
12. FarrahFarra, FarraeBeautiful
13. FleurFlur, FluorFlower
14. FainaFayna, FanaLight
15. FredaFrida, FreidaPeaceful ruler
16. FabiaFabiana, FabyaLovely bean
17. FeePhi, FeiFairy
18. FilomenaPhilomena, FilominaBeloved
19. FenellaFinella, FennelaWhite shoulder
20. FideliaFidelis, FydelyaFaithful
21. FindlayFinlay, FinnleyFair warrior
22. FabienneFabiane, FabyenneFeminine form of Fabian
23. FedoraFedra, FedyoraDivine gift
24. FinaFeena, FineHe shall add
25. FreesiaFresea, FressiaFreesia flower
26. FalineFalina, PhalineIn charge
27. FeodoraTheodora, FeddraGod’s gift
28. FilippaPhilippa, FelippaLover of horses
29. FontaineFontayne, FonteineFountain, water source
30. FairyFairey, FeriFairy, magical being
31. FinniaFinniah, PhinniaBlonde
32. FawnFaun, FawneYoung deer
33. FelinaFaelina, PhelinaLike a cat
34. FortunaFortunna, FortynaFortune, luck
35. FuchsiaFuschia, FushaFuchsia flower
36. FallynFallin, FallyneLeader
37. FiferFyfer, FifeerPlayer of the fife
38. FinaFeena, FiinaGod will increase
39. FernandaFernandah, FhernandaAdventurous, brave journey
40. FrannyFrannie, FrannFree
41. FionnualaFinola, FionnulaFair shoulder
42. FedericaFederika, FeddericaPeaceful ruler
43. FreydaFreda, FreydahJoy
44. FleuretteFleuretta, FleuritaLittle flower
45. FarrenFarron, FarrynAdventurous
46. FritziFritzee, FritziePeaceful ruler
47. FairuzaFiruza, FairuzTurquoise Stone
48. FalishaFelicia, FaliciaLucky
49. FolaFolla, FollahHonor, respect
50. FantineFantina, PhantineChildlike

Thank you for diving into our vibrant pool of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with F. We hope this list has inspired you and provided some unique ideas for your beautiful baby girl’s name. Remember, choosing your baby’s name is a precious journey and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Keep exploring and get inspired by checking out more of our lists on baby name ideas on our site. Happy name hunting!

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