50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with G: Unearth Rare Treasures

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Hey mama-to-be! If you’re on the hunt for a name as unique and adventurous as your coming bundle of joy, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a selection of 50 Australian baby boy names starting with G to inspire and excite you. Get ready for a remarkable naming journey!

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with G

Now, wouldn’t it be cool to give your little one a name shared by famous or influential figures? For instance, ‘Gavin’ is not only a charming Australian name but also represents Gavin Wanganeen, an Australian Football League legend. ‘Greg’ takes us to the charismatic world of actor Greg Norman, a renowned golfer and entrepreneur. What a fantastic way to begin a legacy!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GabrielGabe, GabGod is my strength
GageGaige, GadgePledge, Oath
GavinGav, GavynWhite hawk
GarethGar, GarretGentle, Kind
GaryGarry, GarrieSpear rule
GeordieGeorgie, GeordyFarmer
GeorgeGeorgie, GiorgioFarmer
GeraldGerry, GerrieRule of the spear
GibsonGib, GibbySon of Gilbert
GilbertGil, BertBright pledge
GideonGid, GiddyWoodsman
GilesGyles, GillisShield bearer
GillGillis, GillieServant
GlenGlenn, GlennyValley
GodfreyGodfry, GodfreePeace of God
GoldwinGoldie, GoldGolden friend
GordonGordy, GordieLarge fortification
GrahamGraeme, GrahameGravelly homestead
GrantGran, GranteGreat, large
GregGregg, GreggyWatchful, alert
GreysonGrayson, GraysenSon of the gray-haired one
GriffinGriff, GrifStrong lord
GuinevereGwen, GuinWhite, fair
GunnarGunner, GunBold warrior
GusGussie, GustGreat, magnificent
GuyGuye, GuiGuide, leader
GalaGalya, GallSinger
GalenGale, GalynCalm, healer
GaltonGalt, GalTown of the English
GardnerGardy, GardieKeeper of the garden
GarfieldGar, FieldSpear field
GarvinGar, GarvyRough
GastonGasto, GastGuest, stranger
GatesGate, GatisGateway
GatlinGat, GatlyCompanion
GaylordGay, GaylorLively, high-spirited
GearldGear, GearlyRule of the spear
GearyGear, GeareVariable, changeable
GentryGent, GenNobility of birth
GeoffGeof, GeofyPeace of God
GerardGer, GerardoBrave with a spear
GervaisGervase, GervaySpear servant
GillespieGill, GillyBishop’s servant
GilmerGill, GillemFamous hostage
GladstoneGlad, StoneKite stone
GloverGlov, GloveyMaker of gloves
GoddardGoddar, GodyGood and brave
GodwinGodwinn, GodwyFriend of god
GoldarGold, GoldyProud brother

And there you have it, moms-to-be! We hope our list of 50 Australian baby boy names starting with G has sparked your naming inspiration. Choosing a baby’s name is an exciting journey, packed with significance and joy. So continue your exploration with more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Here’s to finding the perfect name for your little one!

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