Fuel Your Imagination with 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with H

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Choosing your baby’s name is one of the most simultaneously thrilling and daunting tasks of preparing for his arrival. But, fear not! We’ve got a splendid list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names, all starting with H, that could very well hold the perfect moniker for your little one.

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with H

From the world of sports to Hollywood, many personalities have brought fame to their Australian Baby Boy Names starting with H. Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, renowned cricketer Harvey Smith, and famous singer Hayden James all proudly bear these unique names and have positively influenced their spheres of work.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HarrisonHarris, HarrySon of Harry
HarveyHarvie, HarvyBattle-worthy
HeathHeathe, HeatheyWasteland
HenryHarry, HenrikHome ruler
HaydenHaiden, HadenHe who is from the hedged valley
HughHugo, HughesMind, intellect
HectorHektor, HeckieHolding Fast
HamishSeumas, SheumaisSupplanter
HowardHowie, WardHigh guardian
HarleyHarlie, HarleeHare’s meadow
HaddonHaden, HaddanHill of heather
HerbertHerbie, BertIllustrious warrior
HamiltonHamil, TonBeautiful mountain
HawkHawke, HawkenBird of prey
HuxleyHux, HuxlyHugh’s meadow
HoldenHoldin, HoldanDeep valley
HugoUgo, HughesMind, intellect
HansonHan, SonSon of Han
HumphreyHum, FreePeaceful warrior
HoratioHoratius, OratioTimekeeper
HughesHugo, HewesSpirit, mind
HartleyHart, HartleeStag meadow
HunterHunt, HuntleyOne who hunts
HudsonHud, HudsenSon of Hud
HydeHide, HydenFrom the hide land
HaganHaggen, HagganEnclosure
HalseyHals, HalHal’s island
HendrixHendrick, HenryHome ruler
HarkerHark, HarkenShepherd
HemmingHem, HemmingwayHome
HensonHen, SonSon of Hen
HaskellHask, HaskelWise
HutsonHudson, HutSon of Hud
HaleHail, HayleFrom the hay meadow
HendonHendan, HendenHigh hill
HewlettHew, LettLittle Hugh
HershelHersh, HerschelDeer
HubertBert, BurtBright heart
HollandHolly, HollanFrom Holland
HiltonHill, TiltonHill town
HobartHob, BartBright mind
HowellHow, HowelEminent
HibbertHib, BertBright mind
HaletonHail, TonFrom the hero’s town
HadleyHaddie, HadleeFrom the heath meadow
HannibalHan, BalGrace of Baal
HershellHershel, HershDeer
HaverhillHaver, HillOat hill
HardingHard, DingBrave, hardy
HortonHor, TonFrom the grey estate

Thanks for journeying with us through this list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with H. We hope you discovered a name that resonates with you and your baby-to-be. Remember, naming your child is such a special process, and there are no wrong choices. Continue to get inspired by exploring more of our baby name idea lists on our site!

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