Discover 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with H: The Complete List

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Choosing a name for your sweet baby girl is a momentous task, isn’t it? As you hold that positive pregnancy test in your hands, you’re probably already dreaming of her future. And a big part of that future is her name. Let’s dive into a list of Australian baby girl names beginning with H that are as unique and beautiful as your coming bundle of joy!

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with H

Famous figures like Heidi Klum, a renowned German-American model, and Harriet Walter, a distinguished British actress, can inspire you with their names. Our list also includes H names like Helen Reddy, an Australian-American singer known for her empowering lyrics. These influential women showcase the strength and uniqueness of names starting with ‘H’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HannahHana, HannaGrace, favor
HeidiHeide, HaidiNobility
HarperHarpur, HarparHarp player
HazelHazell, HazalThe hazelnut tree
HopeHoppe, HoopDesire of fulfillment
HaileyHaley, HayleeHaywood clearing
HarmonyHarmoni, HarminyA beautiful blending
HelenHellen, HelenaShining light
HildaHildi, HildieBattle woman
HallieHalle, HalliOne who dwells at the hall
HoustonHuston, HoustoneHill’s town
HavenHayven, HavinSafe place
HayleyHailee, HaeleyHay meadow
HallidayHoliday, HallydayHoly day
HarlowHarlo, HarloeArmy hill
HarperHarpor, HarparHarp player
HermoineHermoini, HermoineyWell born, stone
HattieHatty, HatyHome ruler
HonorHonnor, HonurEsteemed, integrity
HesterHesta, HestiaStar
HanaHanae, HanahBlossom
HeatherHether, HeaterPlant with pinkish-purple flowers
HaideeHaydee, HaidiModest
HilaryHillary, HillarieCheerful
HarrietHarriett, HarietEstate ruler
HedwigHedy, HedvigBattle, fight
HennaHennah, HeenaHome ruler
HaliaHaliah, HalyaRemembrance of a loved one
HoshiHoshie, HoshyStar
HaidynHaydyn, HaydienHeather-grown hill
HualiHualy, HualeeSplendid
HyacinthHyacynth, HiacinthThe flower hyacinth
HadassahHadassa, HadasahMyrtle tree
HildredHildrad, HildridBattle counselor
HoshiHoshie, HoshyStar
HoshiyoHoshiyo, HoshiyaGenerations of stars
HemaHemma, HemaGolden
HalinaHalinah, HalynaLight
HanneloreHannelora, HannelorGod’s gracious gift
HelgaHelgah, HeljaHoly
HuldaHuldah, HuldraHidden, secret
HoshiyoHoshiyo, HoshiyeGenerations of stars
HoshikoHoshika, HoshikuStar child
HesperHespar, HespurEvening star
HokulaniHokulany, HokulaneeHeavenly star
HinaHinah, HynaGoddess who ruled the moon
HarelaHarella, HarelahPregnancy
HeklaHeklah, HekluhA famous volcano in Iceland
HeloiseHeloisa, HeloysaSun
HuldraHuldru, HuldrueA secret
HoneyHonei, HuniSweet nectar

Thank you for journeying with us through this list of 50 Australian baby girl names starting with H. We hope it’s sparked your imagination and made your all-important decision a little easier! Don’t forget, there’s a whole world of baby names to explore on our site. So why not keep the inspiration flowing by checking out our other baby name lists?

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