50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with D to Create a Memorable Identity

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Expecting a new bundle of joy is a thrilling journey, and picking a name is one of the most exciting parts. If you’re considering a unique name that starts with D, you’ve come to the right place. Our list of 50 Australian baby girl names starting with D is a treasure trove of beautiful, inspiring names from the land Down Under.

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with D

Did you know that remarkable individuals worldwide have been graced with Australian baby girl names starting with D? People like Delta Goodrem, a phenomenal singer-songwriter who captured the hearts of many with her brilliant music. Or Dame Daphne Sheldrick, a renowned wildlife conservationist, whose life work continues to inspire countless individuals.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DaliaDaliah, DahliaGentle
DanaDayna, DanahGod is my judge
DaphneDafne, DafnaLaurel tree
DarlaDarlah, DarleneDear, Loved one
DavinaDavinah, DevinaBeloved
DeannaDeana, DiannaDivine
DebbieDebby, DebbiBee
DeliaDeliah, DeeliaFrom Delos
DelilahDelila, DalilaDelicate, Weak
DemiDemie, DemyHalf
DenaliDenaley, DinaliGreat one
DeniseDenice, DenisaFollower of Dionysus
DestinyDestinee, DestiniFate, Destiny
DianaDiane, DiannaDivine
DiorDiore, DeorGolden
DoloresDelores, DolorisSorrows
DominiqueDominica, DominikaBelonging to a lord
DonnaDona, DonnahLady
DoraDorah, DoraliaGift
DorisDorris, DorysGift
DorothyDorothee, DorothaGift of God
DreamDreame, DremaDream
DrewDru, DrueManly
DulcieDulci, DulcySweet
DymphnaDimpna, DymphniaFawn
DyaniDyane, DyannieDeer
DarcieDarcy, DarceyDark
DeidraDeirdre, DiedraSorrowful
DawnDonne, DwanAwakening
DestinyDestinee, DestineyCertain fortune, fate
DaisyDaizy, DaysiDay’s eye
DelaneyDelainy, DelaineyDescendant of the challenger
DaleDaile, DailValley
DaniDanni, DanieGod is my judge
DesireeDesirae, DezireeDesired
DevonDevyn, DevanPoet
DierdreDeirdre, DierdraSorrow
DiamondDyamond, DiamantBrilliant gem
DixieDxi, DixiTenth
DolaDolah, DollaCrown
DunaDunah, DunaWorld
DyanaDyan, DyannDivine
DioneDeon, DionDivine queen
DaryaDaria, DariyaSea
DayaDayah, DaiaKindness
DelythDelith, DelythNeat and pretty
DylynnDilyn, DilinBorn from waves
DulcineaDulcinia, DulcinaSweetness

Thanks for journeying through our list of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with D. We hope it has sparked your creativity and excited you as you prepare to choose the perfect name! Be sure to explore the other rich lists of baby name ideas we have on our site, ready to inspire and delight you. Happy naming!

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