50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with D: Let His Name Tell a Story

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Ever felt the wonder of holding a name in your hand, knowing it will shape your little boy’s identity? Dive into our list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with D, and let’s uncover that perfect moniker together.

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with D

This journey through ‘D’ names has a trail of noteworthy personalities who’ve embraced these monikers. Take, for instance, David Warner, the phenomenal Australian cricketer known for his powerful batting. Then there’s Daniel Johns, the talented musician and former frontman of Silverchair, who has enchanted listeners worldwide.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. DanielDan, Danny, DaniGod is my Judge
2. DavidDave, Davy, DavieBeloved
3. DamianDamien, DamianoTo Tame, Subdue
4. DeanDeane, DeneLeader
5. DaleDayle, DalValley
6. DarcyDarsey, DarceyDark
7. DarrenDarrin, DarenGreat
8. DerekDerrek, DerrickThe People’s Ruler
9. DexterDexSkilled, Right-handed
10. DominicDom, NickBelonging to God
11. DonDonnie, DonnyWorld Leader
12. DuncanDun, DunkBrown Warrior
13. DennisDenis, DenEnthusiastic
14. DeclanDec, DeccyMan of Prayer
15. DwayneDuane, DwainDark, Black
16. DallasDal, DallDwelling
17. DrakeDrayDragon
18. DrewDreManly, Brave
19. DustinDustyFighter
20. DylanDillan, DyllanSon of the Sea
21. DariusDario, DareWealthy
22. DiegoDiogoTeacher
23. DonovanDonovon, DonnieDark Warrior
24. DouglasDougDark River
25. DraytonDrayFrom the Farmstead
26. DuncanDuncDark Warrior
27. DaxDaxeLeader
28. DeaconDeke, DeakinServant, Messenger
29. DenzelDenzell, DenzilFortress
30. DevlinDev, DevoFierce Courage
31. DixonDickson, DixSon of Richard
32. DolanDolen, DolinDark-Haired
33. DoranDoren, DorianStranger
34. DorianDorien, DoreanChild of the Sea
35. DougalDoogalDark Stranger
36. DoyleDoyel, DoyalDark Stranger
37. DrakeDraykeDragon
38. DravenDravin, DravonHunter
39. DudleyDudlee, DudleaPeople’s Field
40. DuganDuggan, DooganDark-Colored
41. DuvalDuvalle, DuVallOf the Valley
42. DwainDwayne, DuaneDark, Black
43. DwayneDuane, DwainDark, Black
44. DwightDwite, DwytWhite
45. DylanDillan, DyllanSon of the Sea
46. DylonDylan, DillanLoyal
47. DimaDimah, DymaTorrential Rain
48. DarwinDarwyn, DarvinDear Friend
49. DarrylDarrell, DarylDarling
50. DavisDaviss, DaviesSon of David

We’re thrilled you joined us on this journey through 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with D. We hope you’ve found that perfect, heart-tugging name for your little one. Craving for more inspiration? Explore our treasure chest of baby name ideas throughout our site. Here’s to finding a name as special as your baby boy.

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