50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with C: Your Guide to Aussie Elegance

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Hey Mama! In the thrilling journey of expecting a baby, choosing a name is a special milestone. Let’s venture towards the exotic charm of the Land Down Under with 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with C – a list that perfectly blends uniqueness and elegance.

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with C

Did you know, prominent figures like Cate Blanchett, the Academy Award-winning actress, and influential singer-songwriter, Courtney Barnett, are shining examples of Australian women beginning with ‘C’? These names are not just beautiful, they carry a legacy of strength and success.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CarlaCarlah, Karla“Free woman”
CatrionaKatrina, Catrina“Pure”
ClaudiaKlodia, Claudya“Lame, crippled”
CindyCindi, Cyndi“From Mount Kynthos”
ChelseaChelsee, Chelsi“Chalk wharf”
CelinaSelina, Celinah“Heaven”
CassidyKassidy, Cassady“Curly haired”
CelesteCelest, Celleste“Heavenly”
CoraKora, Corra“Maiden”
CallieKallie, Callee“Beautiful”
CarysKaris, Cerys“Love”
ClaraKlara, Clarah“Bright, clear”
CamilleCamilla, Camile“Perfect”
CarynKaren, Caren“Pure”
CrystalKrystal, Chrystal“Clear, bright”
CelineSelene, Celene“Heavenly”
CleoClio, Kleo“Pride, fame, glory”
CarissaKarissa, Carrissa“Beloved”
CandaceKandace, Candice“Pure, innocent”
CatarinaKaterina, Katrina“Pure”
CeciliaCecelia, Cecile“Blind”
CorinneKorinne, Corrinne“Maiden”
CeriseCerice, Ceryse“Cherry”
ColetteKolette, Collete“Victorious people”
CamrynCamrien, Camron“Crooked nose”
CarinaKarina, Careena“Dear little one”
ColleenColene, Collen“Girl, maiden”
CyraSyra, Cira“Sun”
CorrinaCorrina, Carina“Little maiden”
CharlizeCharlice, Charlise“Free man”
CarmelCarmell, Karmel“Garden, vineyard”
ChristaKrista, Crista“Follower of Christ”
CressidaKressida, Cressa“Gold”
CalistaCalysta, Kallista“Most beautiful”
CarynnaCarinna, Karinna“Pure”
CalanthaKalantha, Calanthea“Beautiful flower”
CymbelineCymbaline, Cimbaline“Sun lord”
CosimaKosima, Cosma“Order, beauty”
CoraliaCoralie, Coralea“Coral”
CharmaineCharmane, Charmayne“Song”
CalliopeKalliope, Callieope“Beautiful voice”
CadenzaCadencia, Cadenze“Rhythmic”
ClioraKliora, Cleora“Glory”
CyrillaCyrille, Syrilla“Lordly”
CybeleCybelle, Sibele“Mother of all gods”
ChantelleShantelle, Chantel“Stone”
CallistaCalista, Kallista“Most beautiful”
CharisKaris, Charys“Grace, kindness”
CynthiaCyndia, Cynthea“From Mount Kynthos”

Thank you for exploring our diverse collection of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with C. We hope it’s sparked your imagination and brought you a step closer to finding the perfect name for your little one. There’s a whole world of baby names to discover on our site – let’s keep the curiosity alive and continue this journey together!

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