50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with C to Inspire a Unique Choice

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Hey there, mom-to-be! Picking that perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey, isn’t it? Well, let’s infuse it with some Aussie charm as we explore 50 Australian Baby Boy Names starting with C. Dive in, and who knows, your baby boy’s name might be in this list!

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with C

Take a peek at these influential personalities with Aussie names starting with a C. Christopher ‘Chris’ Hemsworth, the Australian heart-throb known for his role as Thor, is a great example. Colin Hay, the distinctive voice and creative force behind the band Men at Work, is another inspiring figure.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CadenKaden, Caiden“Little Battle”
CalebKaleb“Faith, Devotion”
CallanCallen, Callum“Rock”
CamdenCamdin, Kamden“From the Valley”
CameronCam, Kam“Crooked Nose”
CareyCary“Dark, Black”
CarlKarl“Free Man”
CarsonCarsen, Karson“Son of Carr”
CarterKartar“Transporter of Goods by Cart”
CaseyKasey, Cacy“Vigilant, Watchful”
CecilCecill, Cecilius“Blind”
CedricSedrick, Cedd“Bounty”
CharlesCharlie, Charley“Free Man”
ChesterChet“Fortress, Camp”
ChristianChris, Kris“Follower of Christ”
ClarkClarke, Clerk“Clerk, Scholar”
ClaudeClaud, Claudio“Lame, Impaired”
CliffordCliff, Ford“Ford Near the Cliff”
CliveClyve, Klive“Cliff, Slope”
ColinCollin, Coll“Young Creature”
CooperCouper“Barrel Maker”
ConradCon, Rad“Brave Counsel”
CoreyCory, Korey“Hollow”
CraigKraig, Creg“Rock”
CrispinCris, Kris“Curly-haired”
CurtisKurtis“Courteous, Polite”
CyrilCyrill, Cyrille“Master, Lord”
CaelGael, Kael“Slender”
CalixCalyx, Calixto“Very Handsome”
CarlinCarlen, Carling“Little Champion”
CarltonCharlton“Freeholders’ Town”
CarringtonCarr, Carrin“Place Name”
ChandlerChand, Chandler“Candle Maker”
ChanningChan, Chann“Young Wolf”
ChetChett, Chete“Camp of Soldiers”
ClancyClancey, Clancie“Red Warrior”
ClaytonClay, Claeton“Town on Clay Land”
ClementClem, Clemens“Merciful, Gentle”
CliffordCliff, Ford“Ford by a Cliff”
ClintonClint, Clinten“Fenced Settlement”
CobyColby, Cobi“Dark-haired”
ColemanCole, Colman“Charcoal Burner”
CorbinCorben, Corbyn“Raven”
CuthbertCuth, Cuthbeorht“Famous, Bright”
CyrilCyrille, Cyrillus“Lordly, Masterful”
CyprianCyprien, Cyp“From Cyprus”
CyranoCyran, Cyranno“From Cyrene”
CyrusCy, Cyros“Far Sighted, Young”

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with C. We hope it has sparked your imagination and provided inspiration in your quest for the perfect name. Remember, each name carries its own charm and significance. Feel free to get inspired by exploring more baby name lists on our site. Happy naming, mama!

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