50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with B: Exotic and Lovely Picks

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Hello, future mommies! Ready for the exciting journey of picking your little one’s name? Get inspired with our list of 50 Australian baby girl names starting with ‘B’. These beautiful, unique names are sure to resonate with your adventurous spirit!

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with B

From talented actresses to influential activists, many notable figures bear unique Australian baby girl names starting with ‘B’. For instance, Bella Heathcote, with her enchanting performances, and Bonita Mabo, a dedicated Indigenous rights activist, highlight the beauty and strength behind these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BellaBell, BelleBeautiful
BriannaBryana, BreannaHigh, noble
BridgetBrigitte, BrigittaStrength, power
BeatriceBea, TrishaVoyager, traveler
BethanyBeth, BethanHouse of figs
BerniceBernie, BerniBringer of victory
BiancaBlanca, BeoncaWhite
BonnieBonny, BonniPretty, charming
BrendaBrendah, BrendisLittle raven
BrandyBrandi, BrandieBeverage brandy
BritneyBrittany, BritanyFrom Britain
BrooklynBrook, BrookieBroken land or pretty brook
BelindaBel, LindaBeautiful, pretty
BerylBeryll, BerilGemstone
BlairBlaire, BlayreField, plain
BlancheBlanch, BlancaWhite
BlossomBlossem, BlosomFlower-like
BlytheBlithe, BlythHappy, carefree
BrendaBrendie, BrendiSword
BrinleyBrinlee, BrinlyBurnt meadow
BryonyBriony, BryonieTo sprout
BillieBilly, BilliResolute protection
BambiBambie, BambiiChild
BreeBrie, BrePower, strength
BrittaBrita, BittaStrength
BerthaBerta, BertieBright, famous
BethBetha, BethelleGod is my oath
BarbaraBarbra, BarbForeign woman
BeatrixBeatriks, BéatrisShe who brings happiness
BronteBrontë, BrontiThunder
BrettaBret, BrettFrom Britain
BobbiBobbie, BobbyBright fame
BriaBreea, BriahNoble, strong, virtuous
BrisaBrisia, BriseaBreeze
BabetteBabett, BabettteStranger, traveler
BarbieBarby, BarbiForeign
BrankaBrankica, BrankkaProtection, glory
BetinaBettina, BetineGod is my oath
BrynnBrinn, BrynneHill
BraunwynBronwyn, BronwinWhite breast
BenitaBenetta, BenittaBlessed
BessieBessy, BessiGod is my oath
BereniceBerenyce, BerniceBringer of victory
BrunhildeBrunhild, BrunihildArmed for battle
BrygidBrigid, BridgidStrength, power
BatshevaBathsheva, BethshevaDaughter of oath
BeulahBeula, BulaMarried
BellamyBellamie, BellameaBeautiful friend

Thank you for joining us on this lovely exploration of baby girl names starting with B. We trust you’ve found some wonderful inspirations in our list! For more unique baby name ideas, don’t hesitate to explore other lists on our site. Remember, choosing your baby’s name is a journey to savor! Happy naming!

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