50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with B to Make Your Son Stand Out

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Hey Mamas-to-be! Embarking on the quest to find that perfect name for your little dude? Well, let’s travel Down Under! We’ve curated a list of 50 Australian baby boy names starting with B just for you and your bump! Get ready to be wooed by the charm and uniqueness of these Aussie monikers.

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with B

From legendary athletes to acclaimed entertainers, these remarkable folks certainly add a touch of stardom to our collection. Famous sportsman Brett Lee, award-winning performer and musician Ben Mendelsohn, and popular actor Bryan Brown, all carry Aussie ‘B’ names with flair. Let the sparkle of these celebrities inspire your choice!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BaileyBayley, BailySteward or public official
BanjoBanjoeMusical instrument
BarryBarrie, BaryFair-headed
BartonBarten, BartunBarley settlement
BenedictBennedict, BennedictusBlessed
BentleyBentlee, BentlieGrassland, clearing
BernardBarnard, BernhardBrave as a bear
BlaineBlayne, BlaynThin
BlakeBlaike, BlaykePale, white
BostonBostun, BostanTown by the woods
BoydBoyed, BoydeYellow, golden
BradenBrayden, BradynWide valley
BradleyBradlee, BradlieBroad clearing
BrandonBrendon, BrandanBroom hill
BraxtonBraxtun, BraxtinBrock’s settlement
BrodieBrody, BrodeySecond son
BroganBrogen, BrogynSturdy and strong
ByronByran, ByrenAt the cow sheds
BrunoBrunoe, BrunowBrown
BrysonBrison, BrysinSon of Brice
BrettBret, BritFrom Britain
BrianBryan, BryonNoble, high
BasilBazil, BasileKingly, royal
BaxterBakster, BaxtorBaker
BeckettBecket, BeketBee cottage
BeckhamBeckam, BeckumHomestead by the stream
BentleyBentlee, BentlieMeadow with coarse grass
BentleyBentlee, BentlieMeadow with coarse grass
BertramBertrum, BertrimBright raven
BillieBilly, BilleyResolute protector
BlaineBlayne, BlaeneThin
BlairBlare, BlaireField, plain
BlakeBlaike, BlaykePale blond one or dark
BonifaceBonifaz, BonifasGood fate
BorisBoriss, BorrisBattle
BowenBowin, BowanSon of Owen
BradyBradi, BradieSpirited, broad
BrantleyBrantly, BrantlieFire brand or beacon
BraydenBraden, BraydonSalmon
BrennanBrendon, BrenninLittle drop
BrentBrentt, BrenntHilltop
BretBrett, BritFrom Britain
BrockBrok, BrocBadger
BroderickBrodrick, BrodricBrother
BrodyBrodie, BrodeeDitch
BronsonBronsen, BronsunSon of the brown man
BryceBrice, BryseSpeckled
BuckBuk, BuccDeer
BuddyBuddey, BuddieBrother
BurkeBurk, BirkFortress
BusterBustar, BustirTough guy

That brings us to the end of our list, future moms! We hope you’ve found our compilation of 50 Australian baby boy names starting with B to be exciting and inspiring. Remember, the journey of exploring names doesn’t have to stop here. Feel free to explore more unique and beautiful baby name ideas on our site. Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Happy naming!

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