Explore a New Universe: 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with A

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Hey there, mom-to-be! So, you’re looking for a unique, culturally rich name for your little champ? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with A to spark your imagination and give your baby a name that’s as unique as he is.

Notable People with Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with A

Aaron Pedersen, an acclaimed actor, and Angus Houston, a retired senior officer of the Royal Australian Air Force, are among the notable personages who grace our list of Australian baby boy names beginning with A. Their success and influence give these names an extra layer of charm and appeal.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. AaronAron, ArronHigh mountain, exalted
2. AbbottAbbot, AbottFather, priest
3. AbelAbell, AbleBreath, son
4. AbrahamAbram, AbrhamFather of many
5. AceAse, AisOne, unity
6. AdamAdem, AdanMan, to be red
7. AddisonAdison, AddysonSon of Adam
8. AdenAiden, AydenLittle fire
9. AdrianAdriann, AdryanFrom Hadria
10. AgustinAugustine, AugustinMajestic
11. AidanAiden, AydanLittle fire
12. AinsleyAinslee, AynsleyOne’s own meadow
13. AlastairAlasdair, AlaisterDefender of the people
14. AlbertAlberto, AlbertusNoble and bright
15. AlexAlek, AleckDefender of men
16. AlfredAlfie, FredWise counsel
17. AlgernonAlgy, AlgernoneMoustachioed
18. AllanAllen, AlanHarmony, peace
19. AlvinAlvie, AlvyNoble friend
20. AmbroseAmbros, AmbrusImmortal
21. AndrewAndru, AndrieManly, brave
22. AngeloAngel, AngelosMessenger of God
23. AngusAengus, AngieUnique strength
24. AnselAnsell, AnselmGod’s protection
25. AnthonyAntony, AntonioPriceless one
26. ArcherArch, ArchyBowman
27. ArdenArdon, ArdennEagle valley
28. AresAris, ArysBattle or strife
29. ArgusArgos, ArgussBright
30. AriArie, ArioLion of God
31. ArielArie, AriellLion of God
32. AristotleAristotl, AristotelBest purpose
33. ArlenArlin, ArlynPledge
34. ArloArlow, ArloeHill
35. ArnoldArnolde, ArnoldoRuler, strong as an eagle
36. ArthurArtie, ArturBear
37. AshAsher, AsheAsh tree
38. AshtonAsheton, AshtenAsh tree town
39. AtlasAtles, AtlaasTitan, to endure
40. AtticusAticus, AttikusMan of Attica
41. AubreyAubry, AuberyKing of the elves
42. AustinAustyn, AustenMajestic dignity
43. AveryAverie, AvariRuler of the elves
44. AxelAksel, AxellFather of peace
45. AydenAiden, AydanLittle fire
46. AzrielAzriel, AzrealGod is my help
47. AjaxAiax, AiaxxEagle
48. ApolloApolo, ApoloStrength
49. AchillesAchillies, AchilPain
50. AeneasAineas, AinéasPraise

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with A. We hope you’ve found inspiration and possibly the perfect choice for your little one. Don’t hesitate to plunge into our other lists of baby name ideas on our site. After all, choosing a baby’s name is an exciting journey – enjoy every moment!

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