50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with A to Inspire Expecting Mothers

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Choosing a baby’s name is a beautiful journey, filled with love, anticipation, and a dash of excitement. Our list of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with A offers a blend of unique, inspiring names that embrace the charm of Australia, perfect to start your baby name hunt!

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with A

Australia has been home to numerous influential women with names beginning with A. For instance, Alyssa Sutherland, a renowned supermodel and actress, best known for her role in the television series Vikings, adds glamour to our list. Then there’s Annabelle Crabb, a popular political journalist and television presenter, whose name resonates with strength and intellect.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AvaAvah, EvaLive, Life
AmeliaAmelie, EmiliaIndustrious, Striving
AbigailAbby, GailFather’s Joy
AddisonAddyson, AddisynSon of Adam
AlexisAlexus, AlyxisDefender
AubreyAubree, AubrieElf Ruler
AutumnAutum, AutumneSeason
ArianaAryana, AriyanaVery Holy
AngelaAngel, AngieMessenger of Gods
AriaArya, AriyahMelody, Song
AlanaAlanna, AlannahRock
AliceAlyce, AlysNoble
AnastasiaAnasztázia, AnastaciaResurrection
AndreaAndria, AndreeaCourageous
ArielArielle, AriellaLion of God
AntoinetteAntonia, AntoinettaPriceless
AimeeAmy, AimiBeloved
ArielleAriel, AriellaLion of God
AdelaideAdelaid, AdelaidaNoble, Nobility
AmberAmbre, AmburFossilized Tree Resin
AprilApryl, AprilleTo Open
AinsleyAynsley, AnsleyOne’s Own Meadow
AnitaAnitta, AnetaGrace
AlyssaAlisa, AlissaNoble
AlitaAleta, AlidaWinged
AminaAmeena, AminahTrustworthy, Honest
AleahAleeah, AleyaRising, High, Noble
AdelinaAdalina, AdelineNoble
AnnikaAnika, AnnekaGrace, Sweet-Faced
AntoniaAntonea, AntoniyaPraiseworthy
AshaAshah, AshiaHope, Life
AlondraAlandra, AlandriaLark
AilaniAylani, AyllaniHigh Chief
ArwenArwyn, ArwennNoble Maiden
AshlynAshlynne, AshlinDream
AdrianaAdrianna, AdreanaDark
AnnaliseAnnelise, AneliseGraced with God’s Bounty
AverieAvery, AveriElf Counsel
AnayaAnayah, AnaiaLook Up To God
AshantiAshantee, AshantyAfrican Tribe
AmaraAmarah, AmarraGrace, Bitter
AishaAysha, AyeshaAlive, She Who Lives
AvianaAvianna, AviannahBird
AriaAriyah, AryiaLioness
AleenaAlina, AlynaSilk Of Heaven
AubrielleAubriella, AubriellElf Ruler
AddisonAddyson, AddisynSon of Adam

Thank you for journeying with us through this inspiring list of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with A. The perfect name for your little one is out there — it might even be on this list! Remember, each name carries its own story and charm. Keep exploring our site for more baby-naming inspiration, and enjoy this beautiful journey of motherhood.

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