50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With A to Inspire You

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Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is a thrilling adventure. If you’re looking to infuse her name with rich tradition and vibrant culture, our list of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with A is the perfect place to start.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With A

Take inspiration from influential figures such as Alia Bhatt, a renowned Bollywood actress with undeniable charisma, or Aisha Tyler, an American actress and comedian loved by many. Their names are not only beautiful but also represent strong and successful women.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AaliyahAalia, AalyaHigh, exalted
AblaAbleFull figured
AdilaAdela, AdilahJust, honest
AfafAffafChaste, virtuous
AfraAfrahColor of earth
AliaAlyaExalted, noble
AmalAmalaHope, aspiration
AmaniAmanie, AmmaniWishes, aspirations
AmiraAmeera, AmirahPrincess
AnisaAneesa, AnisahFriendly, good company
ArwaArwahMountain goat
AsilaAseelaNoble, pure
AtifaAtifahAffectionate, compassionate
AzizaAzizahCherished, precious
AidaAyda, AeedaGift, present
AmnaAmina, AmeenaPeaceful, safe
AsraAsrahTravel by night
AnbarAmberPerfume, fragrance
AlinaAleenaBeautiful, soft, pliable, delicate
AahanaAhaanaFirst rays of the sun
AaidaAyda, AeedaVisiting, returning
AmandaAmandahWorthy of love
AfsaAfsahProphet’s wife
AfsheenAfshinShine like a star
AyanAyenTime, era
AzraAzrah, AzriaUnpierced pearl
AqsaAksaName of a mosque
AroushArooshAngel of paradise
AmeenahAmina, AmnaTrustworthy, faithful
AleefaAleefahFriendly, sociable
AzrahAzra, AzriaUnpierced Pearl
AnayahAnaya, AnayehCaring, compassionate
AfsaanaAfsanaTale, story
AreeshaAreejah, AreishaThatched roof
AreebahAribahWise, intelligent
AreebaAreba, AribahWise, intelligent
ArianaAriannaVery holy
AzaleaAzalia, AzeliaFlower
AlmiraAlmeera, AlmyraPrincess

Thank you for joining us on this fascinating exploration of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with A. We hope it has ignited your imagination and helped you feel closer to making that special choice. Remember, naming your little princess should be a joyous journey. So, continue exploring, be inspired, and check out more of our baby name idea lists on our site.

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