50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with Z Worthy of Your Little Princess

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Choosing your baby girl’s name is like uncovering a treasure reserve, filled with love, heritage, and meaning. In this list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with Z, you’ll find a beautiful blend of modern and traditional names, allowing your baby girl to carry a piece of her Asian roots no matter where in the world she roams.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with Z

Many influential women carry Asian baby girl names starting with ‘Z’, marking their contribution to various fields. To name a few, there’s Ziyi Zhang, the internationally recognized Chinese actress known for her roles in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ and ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’. Then we have Zara Liang, the Taiwanese-American singer and songwriter creating waves in the music industry.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ZaraZahra, Zarah“Flower”
ZhenZhenzhen, Jhen“Precious”
ZoeyZoe, Zoie“Life”
ZiaZiah, Ziya“Light”
ZainaZayna, Zana“Beautiful”
ZivaZivah, Ziv“Brilliant”
ZayleeZayley, Zaylie“Hay Meadow”
ZinniaZinnya, Zinny“Flower Name”
ZariahZaria, Zarya“Princess, Flower”
ZenZenn, Zhen“Religious, Meditation”
ZeldaZellda, Zeldah“Gray Fighting Maid”
ZaidaZayda, Zaidah“Increasing, Growth”
ZiaZiah, Zea“Light”
ZaraeZara, Zaree“God has aided”
ZetaZetta, Zetah“Born Last”
ZiziZizy, Zizie“God’s promise”
ZayaZayah, Zayyah“Victory”
ZoriZorie, Zory“Dawn”
ZiyaZiya, Ziyah“Light”
ZorinaZorinna, Zorrina“Golden Dawn”
ZennaZena, Zenah“Born of Zeus”
ZephyrZephyra, Zeffira“West Wind”
ZitaZitah, Zyta“Seeker”
ZairaZaiira, Zayra“Rose”
ZazieZazzy, Zazzie“Lily”
ZimraZimrah, Zimrah“Song of Praise”
ZiyaZiyah, Ziya“Light”
ZashaZashah, Zashia“Defender”
ZelinaZelena, Zelinah“Sunshine, Ray of light”
ZylaZylah, Zyila“Shadow”
ZellaZellah, Zela“Blessed, Holy”
ZaylaZaylah, Zaylla“Beloved”
ZemiraZemirah, Zemyra“Song”
ZephyraZephyrah, Zephira“Of the West Wind”
ZalikaZalikah, Zalikha“Well-born, of Noble Descent”
ZenaideZenaida, Zenayde“Born of Zeus”
ZibiahZibya, Zibiyah“Deer, Gazelle”
ZelmaZelmah, Zelma“Protected by God”
ZivaZivah, Zivva“Radiance, Brilliance”
ZitlaliZitlaly, Zittlali“Star”
ZeraZerah, Zerah“Seeds, Beginning”
ZeinabZeynab, Zainab“Fragrant Flower”
ZerenaZerenah, Zerina“Serene, Calm”
ZadieZady, Zadye“Princess”
ZainaZainah, Zayna“Beautiful”
ZoraidaZorayda, Zoraidah“Enchanting”
ZinervaZinervah, Zinerva“Fair, White”
ZonairaZonairah, Zonayra“Flower, Blooming”

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with Z. We hope you found it insightful and inspiring. Choosing your baby’s name is a significant and exciting undertaking, one that bonds you even more closely with your little one. Remember, we have more baby name lists to offer you. Continue your journey with us and find more inspiration for your baby’s name on our site.

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