50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with F Promising Greatness

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Choosing your baby boy’s name is a big deal – it’s one of the first gifts you’ll give him. If you’re longing for something unique, why not look at Australian baby boy names? Here are 50 special Australian names that start with ‘F’ to help you find the perfect one!

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with F

Many Australian baby boy names starting with ‘F’ have made their mark in the world. The eminent actor, Frederick Parslow, has graced both stage and screen with his talent. Then, there’s the cricket legend, Fraser McGurk, known for his remarkable skills and sportsmanship. And who can overlook Farrell O’Reilly, the esteemed Australian rugby union player?

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. FinleyFinlay, FynleyFair-haired hero
2. FelixFeliks, FelicksFortunate, happy
3. FlynnFlyn, FlinSon of a red-haired man
4. FraserFrazer, FrazierStrawberry
5. FrederickFredrick, FredrikPeaceful ruler
6. FinnFin, FynnFair
7. FletcherFlecher, FletsherArrow-maker
8. FordForde, FordyRiver crossing
9. FisherFischer, FysherFisherman
10. FabianFabien, FabiBean grower
11. FarleyFarly, FarleighMeadow of the sheep
12. FallonFallan, FallinLeader
13. FinbarFinbarr, FynbarWhite head
14. FlynnFlinn, FlynRuddy
15. FresnoFresnau, FressnoAsh tree hill
16. FairleyFairlie, FarelyFrom the bull’s pasture
17. FarrelFarol, FarrollBrave, heroic
18. FerdinandFerdynand, FernandBold voyager
19. FedericoFedrico, FredericoPeaceful ruler
20. FitzFytz, FittsSon of
21. FitzroyFittzroy, FitzroiSon of the king
22. FilbertFilburt, PhillbertVery bright
23. FentonFenten, FenntonMarsh town
24. FultonFultonn, FultanBird hill
25. FarranFarron, FarrynAdventurous
26. FerdinandFerd, NandoAdventurous journey
27. FergusFergie, FergussonMan of force
28. ForestForrest, ForesteDweller near the woods
29. FirthFyrth, FerthArm of the sea
30. FitzgeraldFitzgeralde, FytzgeraldSon of Gerald
31. FerminFirmin, FerminnStrong
32. FrazierFraiser, FrayzerStrawberry
33. FabrizioFabritio, FabicioCraftsman
34. FayFaye, FaiRaven
35. FrancisFrancesco, FransFree man
36. FreedomFreedeom, FreedomeLiberty
37. FlavioFlaavio, FlavvioYellow, blonde
38. FinneasPhineas, FinniasOracle
39. FidelFidell, FydellFaithful
40. FawnFaun, FaanYoung deer
41. FarrellFarrel, FarelMan of valor
42. FrazerFrazor, FraizerFrench town
43. FyfeFife, FiyfeFrom Fife in Scotland
44. FronteFronnte, FrontForehead, brow
45. FateFaite, FaitDestiny
46. FaustFausto, FausstLucky
47. FinneganFinigan, FynneganFair-haired
48. FeltonFeltan, FeltenTown on the field
49. FrostFroste, FrosstBorn in a cold spell
50. FielderFelder, FeelderOne who works the fields

That concludes our list of 50 Australian baby boy names starting with F. Thanks for joining us on this exciting quest for the perfect name for your baby. Feel the wave of inspiration? Don’t stop here! Explore more unique and charming baby name ideas on our site and give your little one a name to treasure.

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