50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with E to Inspire Your Naming Journey

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Choosing the perfect name for your little one is an exciting journey! Today, we’re exploring a collection of 50 Australian baby boy names starting with E. Expect a mix of classic charm and unique flair that’s sure to inspire!

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with E

From the entertainment industry to sports, the letter E is quite prominent. Notable figures include Ethan Lowe, the Australian rugby player, and Ethan Robson, the well-known Australian soccer star. There’s also Elijah Taylor, an influential Australian rugby league player, whose success resonates with many.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EthanEthen, EthynFirm, strong
EliElie, ElyHigh, ascended, or ‘my God’
EastonEasten, EystonEast-facing place
EzraEzrah, EzriHelp
ElliottEliot, EliottJehovah is God
ErrolErroll, ErrylNobleman, wanderer
EvanEvin, EvonYoung warrior
ElvinElven, ElvonElf friend
EdenEdon, EdinPlace of pleasure
EugeneEugen, EugeanWell-born, noble
EwanEwen, EuanBorn of the yew tree
EricErick, ErikEternal ruler
ErwinErvin, ErwynFriend of the sea
EdisonEdson, EdisunSon of Edward
EmeryEmory, EmmeriRuler of work
EverlyEverlie, EverleighFrom the boar meadow
ErnestErnist, EarnestSerious, determined
EnochEnok, EnockDedicated, devoted
EmmettEmit, EmettUniversal, truth
ElianElyan, ElionLight
EldenEldin, EldanOld and wise protector
EnricoEnrique, EnrikoRuler of the home
ElmerElmar, ElmirNoble, famous
EamonEamonn, EmonGuardian of riches
EdwinEdvin, EdwynProsperous friend
ElbertElburt, ElbartBright, shining
ElroyElroi, ElrayThe king
EdricEdrick, EdrikPower and good fortune
EltonElten, EltanFrom the old town
EgbertEgberto, EgburtBright sword
ElwoodElwod, EllwoodFrom the old forest
EustaceEustice, EustachFruitful, productive
EndaEndah, EndeBird
EvertonEvarton, EvrtonBoar town
EfrenEphren, EfrinDoubly fruitful
EarlEarle, ErleNobleman, warrior
EwanEwen, EuanBorn of the yew tree
EnderEndar, EndirVery rare
EvanderEvandar, EvendrGood man
ErlandErlond, ErlenForeigner, stranger
EamonEamon, EamonWealthy protector
ErasmusErasmios, RasmusBeloved, desired
EphraimEfrem, EfrimFruitful, fertile
EinarEinarr, EynarOne warrior
ErhardErhardt, ErhartResolute, brave
EloyEloi, ElyoChosen one
EdbertEdburt, EdberthBlessed with wealth
EnosEnus, EnisMan, human being
EustonEustan, EustenHeart, mind
EkbertEckbert, EgbertBright edge
ElleryElery, ElryJoyful, happy
ErminErmine, ErminnUniversal, whole

And that’s a wrap on our list of 50 Australian baby boy names starting with E. We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey and found inspiration in these distinctive names. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to explore our site for more baby name ideas. Your perfect baby name could be just a click away!

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