50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with E: Unlock a World of Possibilities

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Expecting a baby can be a whirlwind of emotions, and choosing the perfect name is a beautiful part of this journey. Looking for something unique, exotic and full of charm? Dive into this exciting list of 50 Australian baby girl names starting with E, and let the naming adventure begin!

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting With E

Did you know there are several renowned individuals who have Australian baby girl names starting with E? Elle Macpherson, an internationally recognized supermodel, and Emily Browning, a noteworthy actress known for her roles in “Sucker Punch” and “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” are just a couple of examples. These influential figures can provide some exciting inspiration for your baby’s name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ElleEllie, ElleeBright, Shining Light
EdithEdie, EdytheProsperous in War
EvaEvie, EvitaLife, Living One
EmilyEmilee, EmilieIndustrious, Striving
ErinEryn, ErinnPeace, From Ireland
EadieEdie, EdeeRich War
EarleneEarleen, ErlenePledge from the Nobles
ElineAlina, ElinaNoble
EboniEbony, EboneeDeep Black Wood
ElizaElisa, ElizahGod is My Oath
EsmeEsmee, EsmaeEsteemed, Loved
ElainaElena, EleniShining Light
EliseElyse, ElsiePledged to God
ErikaEricka, ErickahEver Powerful
EstellaEstelle, EstrellaStar
EttaEttie, EtteEstate Ruler
EugeniaEugenie, EugenaWell-Born, Noble
EudoraEudorah, EudoreGood Gift
ElviraElvera, ElvireAll True
ElenoreEleanor, ElinorShining Light
EvelinaEveline, EvelinLife, Living One
EuphemiaEufemia, EuphemieGood Reputation
EnyaEnyah, EnjaLittle Fire
ElmaElmar, ElmaraWill, Determination
EireneIrene, ErenePeace
ElodieElody, ElodiMarsh Flower
EmoryEmorie, EmeryHome Ruler
EverlyEverlee, EverlieGrazing Meadow
ElaineElain, ElainaShining Light
EdelineEdelyn, EdelinaNoble, Kind
EileenEileene, EileneBright, Shining One
EulaliaEulalie, EulaleeWell-Spoken
ElianaElianna, ElianahGod Has Answered
ElyssaElysa, ElyseNoble,Gentle
ErlindaErlyn, ErlinaNoble, Elegant
EvangelineEvangelyn, EvangelinaBringing Good News
EmeldaEmelde, EmeldaUniversal Battle
EmogeneEmogin, EmogeanUniversal Woman
EternityEternitee, EternitiTimeless, Infinite
ElspethElsbeth, ElspetPledged to God
EsperanzaEspiranza, EsparanzaHope, Expectation
EldoraEldorah, EldoreGift of the Sun
EithneEthne, EtnaLittle Fire
EudociaEudocea, EudocieGood Thought
EpiphanyEpifany, EpiphanieManifestation, Striking Appearance
ElouiseEloise, ElouisaHealthy, Wide
EliciaElisia, ElishiaNoble, Kind
EmmalineEmmalyn, EmalineWork, Universal
EverildEverilda, EvereldeBoar Battle
EvitaEveta, EvitahLife

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through our list of 50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with E. We hope you’ve found inspiration in these unique choices. Remember, the perfect name for your little one could be just around the corner, so don’t hesitate to explore more of our enlightening baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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