Inspire Greatness: 10 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with X

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Embarking on the exciting journey of motherhood? Every chapter begins with a name. Dive into our list of 10 Asian Baby Girl Names starting with X, and let your baby girl’s name be a symbol of strength, beauty, and uniqueness.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with X

While there are several X-starting names in Asia, they are relatively rare among famous figures. However, Xiu Li, a renowned Chinese gymnast, and Xuan Thanh, a celebrated Vietnamese footballer, both carry names beginning with X, demonstrating the potential for your daughter to shine in her own unique way.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
XueXuee, XueyMeans ‘snow’ in Chinese
XiaXiah, XiaaIn Chinese, it stands for ‘summer; grand, great; rosy clouds’
XiuXiou, XiuuThis Chinese name signifies ‘elegant, beautiful’
XantheXanthey, XantheeDerived from Greek, this name means ‘golden haired’
XinXinn, XynA Chinese name that means ‘new’
XingXingg, XyngeMeans ‘star’ in Chinese
XiulanXiu-Lan, XiulannThis beautiful Chinese name means ‘graceful orchid’
XinyiXinni, Xin-YiThis Chinese name translates to ‘happy and joy’
XiangXyng, XianggIn Chinese, this name stands for ‘fragrant; auspicious’
XilinXilyn, XylinA Chinese name signifying ‘happy forest’

Thank you for joining us on this fascinating journey through 10 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with X. We hope you’re inspired by the uniqueness and beauty these names hold. Keep the joy of discovery alive by exploring our other baby name idea lists on our site. After all, every great story begins with a name.

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