20 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with X: Discover a World of Rich Culture

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Hey there, mom-to-be! Picking a unique and meaningful name for your baby boy can feel like a big task, right? So, let’s dive into the enchanting world of Asian baby boy names starting with X and find a title that not only sounds great but also tells a wonderful story.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with X

Did you know that there are some truly inspiring people who share these unique names? For instance, Xian Lim, a renowned Filipino-American actor, musician, and host. His name, Xian, signifies “meritorious” or “worthy”. It’s a strong name that starts with X and holds a deep, triumphant meaning.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
XiangXiangyu, XiangliAuspicious, Lucky
XiaoXiaohu, XiaofeiDawn, Morning
XinXing, XinnanNew, Fresh
XueXuefeng, XuehuaSnow
XunXunli, XunhuFast, Swift
XuanXuanyu, XuanliBright, Lustrous
XiXilin, XijingWest, Western
XuXumin, XufengGentle, Calm
XiuXiuying, XiulanElegant, Refined
XiongXiongli, XiongfeiMale, Masculine
XieXieming, XieruiThankful
XianXianwu, XiangFirst, Top
XilinXilin, XilingJoyful Forest
XingXingchen, XingyeStar
XiongXionghao, XiongqiHero, Courageous
XueXuepeng, XuebinStudy, Learning
XunXunbo, XunruSeeking, Chasing
XuanXuanming, XuanzhiMysterious
XiXifan, XishiHappiness, Joy
XuXuli, XujunContinuity, Sequence

Thank you for joining us on this intriguing journey through 20 Asian baby boy names starting with X. Finding the ideal name for your little one is quite the adventure, isn’t it? We hope our list has sparked some inspiration. Remember, there are countless more naming ideas for you to explore on our site. So why stop here? Keep the naming adventure going

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