50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with Y: Immerse Yourself in Naming Wisdom

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Hey there, future momma! Curious about exploring baby girl names that start with ‘Y’, with a dash of Asian charm? You’re in luck! We’ve got a list of 50 stunning Asian names that not only sound beautiful but carry rich meanings and vibrant cultures.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

Some well-known figures carry these beautiful names starting with ‘Y’. Yoko Ono, the avant-garde artist and peace activist, is a global icon. Then there’s Yui Aragaki, the multi-talented Japanese actress and singer, widely recognized for her work in Asia. These names aren’t just beautiful; they’re a badge of honor for strong, influential women.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
YunaYouna, YunahMeans ‘to exceed, surpass’ in Japanese
YokoYouko, Yohko‘Child of sunlight’ in Japanese
YumiYoumi, Yumie‘Bow (archery), beauty’ in Japanese
YukoYouko, Yukoh‘Child of gentleness’ in Japanese
YueYu, Yuh‘Moon’ in Chinese
YanYahn, Yanne‘Swallow bird’ in Chinese
YalingYa-Ling, Yalinn‘Elegant tinkling of jade pendants’ in Chinese
YukiYukki, Yuuki‘Happiness; snow’ in Japanese
YokoYo-Ko, Yohko‘Ocean child’ in Japanese
YonYoun, Yeon‘Lotus flower’ in Korean
YeeYei, Yie‘Femininity’ in Chinese
YiYee, Yei‘Righteous’ in Chinese
YenYenn, Yehn‘Peaceful & calm’ in Vietnamese
YonaYoona, Yonah‘Dove’ in Korean
YoriYorie, Yorri‘Public favor’ in Japanese
YouqinYou-Kin, Youkin‘Quiet, serene lute music’ in Chinese
YixinYi-Xin, Yixn‘Eager heart’ in Chinese
YishenYi-Shen, Yishn‘Remember’ in Chinese
YinyiYin-Yi, Yinyee‘Reply, answer’ in Chinese
YukariYukarie, Yu-Kari‘Beautiful pear tree’ in Japanese
YoufenYou-Fen, Youfen‘Quiet fragrance’ in Chinese
YoutaoYou-Tao, Youtow‘Quiet peach blossom’ in Chinese
YushuiYu-Shui, Yushwe‘Jade water’ in Chinese
YunYunn, Yoon‘Lotus flower’ in Korean
YupingYu-Ping, Youping‘Jade tranquility’ in Chinese
YuhanYu-Han, Yuhann‘Jade cold’ in Chinese
YanyanYan-Yan, Yanyahn‘Beautiful swallow bird’ in Chinese
YimingYi-Ming, Yimeeng‘Understand brightness’ in Chinese
YaYaa, Yah‘Elegant’ in Chinese
YeeunYeh-Eun, Yeeuhn‘Grace and mercy’ in Korean
YasuYasuh, Yhasu‘Peaceful’ in Japanese
YuinaYu-Ina, Yweena‘Tie, bind’ in Japanese
YoomiYoomie, Yoohmi‘Dawn, sunlight’ in Korean
YeonjiYeon-Ji, Yheonji‘Grace, mercy’ in Korean
YunaeYuhn-Ae, Younae‘Love, favor’ in Korean
YeonheeYeon-Hee, Yheonhee‘Grace, joy’ in Korean
YoeunYoeuhn, Yo-Eun‘Beautiful, charming’ in Korean
YerimYe-Rim, Yehrim‘Ocean, beauty’ in Korean
YubinYu-Bin, Yoobin‘Precious, valuable’ in Korean
YeseulYe-Seul, Yeseuhl‘Beautiful, learned’ in Korean
YetYeht, Yett‘Leaf’ in Vietnamese
Yen NhiYen-Nhi, Yennhi‘Calm, peaceful girl’ in Vietnamese
Yen VyYen-Vy, Yenvy‘Calm, peaceful star’ in Vietnamese
Yen MyYen-My, Yenmy‘Calm, beautiful’ in Vietnamese
Yen HoaYen-Hoa, Yenhoa‘Calm, peaceful flower’ in Vietnamese
Yen HangYen-Hang, Yenhang‘Peaceful moon’ in Vietnamese
Yen AnhYen-Anh, Yenanh‘Calm, peaceful brightness’ in Vietnamese
Yen UyenYen-Uyen, Yenuyen‘Calm, peaceful beauty’ in Vietnamese
Yen ThaoYen-Thao, Yenthao‘Calm, peaceful grass’ in Vietnamese

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with Y. Each name is a testament to the rich cultures and unique flavors of Asia. We hope you’re feeling inspired! Don’t forget to check out more of our engaging baby name lists, where we weave the tales of tradition, uniqueness, and love, just like a good name does. Happy naming!

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