50 Traditional Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With A

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Hi there, lovely mama-to-be! Welcome to our divine exploration of 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with A. These timeless treasures carry the rich heritage of the Bible, blending ancient traditions with a modern appeal.

Notable People with Biblical Girl Names Starting with A

Let’s get inspired by remarkable figures like Abigail Adams, the esteemed wife of the second US president, John Adams, or Anna Howard Shaw, a leader of the women’s suffrage movement. And we can’t neglect Alexandra of Denmark, the queen consort of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AbigailAbigale, AbbyFather’s joy
AnnaAna, AnneGrace, favor
AdahAdar, AdaOrnament, adorned
ArielArielle, AriellaLioness of God
AtarahAttara, AtaraCrown, laurel
AzubahAzuba, AzubahhForsaken
AhlaiAhlay, AhleaOh would that!
AsenathAsenath, AcsenathBelonging to the goddess Neith
AbitalAbitale, AbitallMy father is dew
AchsahAksah, AcsahAnklet
ApphiaAphfia, ApphiahFruitful, productive
AphiahAphiah, AphiyaThe Lord is my God
ArielAriell, ArielleLioness of God
AsenathAsenat, AsenethShe belongs to her father
AbigailAbbigail, AbigalMy father is joyful
AnnaAnn, AnnetGrace
AchaiaAkaia, AchayaGrief
AbihailAbihale, AbihayilMy father is strength
AdaAdda, AdahOrnament, adorned
AhlaiAhlay, AhleaOh would that!
AtarahAtara, AttaraCrown
AbitalAbbitall, AbbitaleMy father is dew
AinoamAinom, AinomeBeauty of the people
AshtorethAshtoret, AshtorathStar, goddess of love
AthaliahAthalia, AtalyaThe Lord is exalted
AzubahAzubba, AzubhaForsaken
AdaliaAdaliah, AdahliaNoble one
AshimaAshimah, AshimaaLimit
AhinoamAhinoame, AhinomBeauty of the brother
AsrielAsriell, AsrielVow of God
AhumaiAhuma, AhumayBrother of water
AharhelAharheil, AharhellBrother of the wall
AholibahAholiba, AholibahhMy tent is in her
AmalAmall, AmahlWork, labor
AdoniahAdoniyah, AdoniyaMy lord is Jehovah
AridathaAridattha, AridhathaLion of the flock
ArielArielle, AriellLion of God
AnerAnner, AannerBoy
AhumaiAhumay, AhumeBrother of water
AbijahAbija, AbijahhMy father is Jehovah
AbishurAbishurr, AbishorFather of the wall
AzzanAzzan, AzzannStrong
AbielAbeel, AbielGod is my father
ArbaArbah, ArbhaFour
AtadAtaad, AtaddBramble
AnerAenner, AnerrAnswer
Thank you for joining us on this divine journey through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with A. We hope you’ve found inspiration within these ancient names, and maybe even discovered the perfect one for your future bundle of joy. For more naming inspiration, don’t forget to check out our other baby name lists. Cheers to your exciting naming journey!

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