50 Modern Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With A

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Hey there, beautiful mama-to-be! We’re about to embark on a divine journey exploring 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with A. Carefully curated, these names carry the timeless charm of the Bible, blending tradition with a modern appeal.

Notable People with Biblical Boy Names Starting with A

Get inspired by notable figures like Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, or Aaron Burr, the third vice president of the US. Let’s not forget Adam Smith, the renowned Scottish economist whose works have influenced economic thought around the world.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AaronAron, ArronHigh mountain
AbelAble, AbellBreath
AbiahAbijah, AbiaGod is my father
AbrahamAvraham, AbramFather of many
AdamAdem, AdanEarth, man
AmosAmus, AmozBorne by God
AndrewAndreas, AndreManly, brave
AsherAser, AsserHappy, blessed
AzariahAzaria, AzaryaHelped by God
AbsalomAbsolon, AbsolomFather of peace
AmmielAmiel, AmeilPeople of God
AmaziahAmasya, AmatziaStrength from God
AhazAchaz, AhassHe has grasped
AdlaiAdley, AdleeGod is just
AhabAchav, AhavUncle, father’s brother
AhijahAhyjah, AhiaGod is my brother
AsaAssa, AcaDoctor, healer
AshbelAshbal, AshbellMan of God
AzielAzyel, AzelGod is my strength
AbdielAbdeel, AbdilServant of God
AmariahAmaria, AmariyaGod has promised
AmitaiAmittai, AmeetaiTruth of God
AmnonAmon, AminonFaithful, trustworthy
AzaziahAzazya, AzazyaGod is strong
ArielArieal, AriyelLion of God
AbnerAbnar, AbnurFather of light
AnaniasAnanyas, AnaniesGod is gracious
ApphiaAppia, AphfiaFruitful, productive
AbidanAbidun, AbidinMy father is judge
AdrielAdrial, AdriallFlock of God
ArdonArdun, ArdinBronzed
AbishaiAbishay, AbishaGift of my father
AzazAzas, AzazStrong, powerful
AhioAhayo, AheoHis brother
AzielAzyel, AzayelGod is my power
AzrielAzyriel, AzerielGod is my help
AmittaiAmitai, AmittayMy truth
AmraphelAmraphal, AmrafeelGod has spoken
AbiramAbirham, AbeeramHigh father
AchishAkeesh, AcheshOnly a man
AridaiAriday, AridyThe lion is enough for me
AhiezerAhiezar, AhiezeerBrother of help
AnathothAnatot, AnathotAnswers, songs
AtadAtaad, AtaaddBramble
AphiahAfiyah, AfiahGod has increased
Abi-albonAbi-alboon, Abi-albonnFather of strength
ArchippusArchippos, ArchipusMaster of the horse
Thank you for exploring this divine collection of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with A. We hope these timeless names have inspired you and brought you closer to finding the perfect name for your new arrival. Do remember to delve into our other baby name lists for more inspiration. Here’s to a joyful naming journey!

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