50 Asian Baby Girl Names Beginning With W: Whiffs of Warmth

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Hello, radiant mom-to-be! Today, we whirl into the world of wonderfully unique names as we explore 50 Asian baby girl names beginning with W. From whimsical to winsome, we’ve got a treasury of names waiting to be discovered.

Notable People with Asian Girl Names Starting with W

In our journey, let’s encounter inspiring individuals like Wu Zetian, the only woman in the history of China to assume the title of Empress Regnant, or Wangari Maathai, the renowned Kenyan environmental activist. Let’s not forget Wada Akiko, the influential Japanese singer, loved for her powerful voice.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
WeiWee, WayPower, precious
WenWenn, WynnWarm, affectionate
WaiWay, WyOuter, away
WangWong, WungKing, monarch
WuWoo, WohMilitary, martial
WoWoh, WoahPeace, harmony
WanWahn, WannGentle, gracious
WeiweiWeeWee, WayWayValuable, unique
WulanWulann, WolanMoon
WenyuWenyou, WenyooBeautiful jade
WushuangWushaung, WooshuangUnmatched, peerless
WujiWuji, WoogieInfinite, limitless
WanyingWanyinng, WanynigExpecting or longing for
WannianWanniann, WannyanLong lasting years
WanjingWanjingg, WanjyngLooking at the scenery
WuxiWuxie, WuxiiNo worries
WuyiWuyie, WuyiiHighly principled
WuniWunie, WuniiWithout equal
WujunWujunn, WujunWithout a ruler
WenzaWenzaa, WenzahWarm, caring
WensiWensie, WensiiThinking of the world
WenduoWenduo, WendoohWarm as a camellia
WuzhouWuzhou, WuzhoohWithout anxiety
WuhongWuhongg, WuhonngWithout rainbow
WukeWukee, WukeWithout guest
WujiaWujiaa, WujiahWithout home
WujianWujian, WujianWithout space
WuhuanWuhaun, WoohuanWithout worry
WukongWukong, WoohkongWithout air
WufeiWufeii, WoofeiWithout husband
WumaiWumaie, WoohmaiWithout wheat
WuguiWuguie, WoohguiWithout return
WuduoWuduoo, WudoohWithout camellia
WufanWufann, WoohfanWithout annoyance
WudanWudann, WoohdanWithout cinnabar
WuduoWuduo, WoohduoWithout much
WuyuWuyuu, WoohyuWithout wish
WuliWulie, WoohliWithout profit
WujinWujinn, WoohjinWithout gold
WudaiWudaie, WoohdaiWithout worry
WujunWujunn, WoohjunWithout monarch
WujieWujeie, WoohjieWithout boundary
WuruWuruu, WoohruWithout milk
WuyiWuyii, WoohyiWithout clothes
WuziWuzii, WoohziWithout son
WufuWufuu, WoohfuWithout blessings
WumaiWumaie, WoohmaiWithout wheat
WuxiWuxie, WoohxiWithout worry
WuhuiWuhae, WoohhuiWithout ash
WuyueWuyuee, WoohyueWithout music
WuhuiWuhuie, WoohhuiWithout meeting
WujiaWujiaa, WoohjiaWithout price
WunuWunuu, WoohnuWithout slave
WuhuWuhuu, WoohhuWithout tiger
Thank you for joining us on this wondrous voyage through 50 Asian baby girl names beginning with W. We hope this list has sparked your imagination and brought you a step closer to finding the perfect name for your little girl. For more naming inspiration, don’t forget to check out our other baby name lists. Happy naming journey!

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