Woven With Love: 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Beginning With W

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Hello, beautiful mama-to-be! Hop aboard our exciting journey as we explore 50 Asian baby boy names beginning with W. Our list brims with unique names, each resonating with heritage, charm, and character.

Notable People with Asian Boy Names Starting with W

Bathe in the limelight of people like Wong Kar-wai, a distinguished Hong Kong film director, or Wang Leehom, a global music sensation from Taiwan. Then there’s Watanabe Ken, the captivating Japanese actor known for his Hollywood roles.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
WeiWee, WayPower
WenWenn, WynnCulture, writing
WuWoo, WuhMilitary, martial
WangWong, WungKing, monarch
WaiWay, WiOuter
WoWoh, WoahPeace, harmony
WunWunh, WuhnCloud
WoonWoonn, WuunGentle, agreeable
WakiWakie, WakiyArise, wake up
WyatWyatt, WyaatBrave
WungWoong, WongProsperous
WidoWydo, WidohFighter
WiwaWywa, WivaWarrior
WikoWyko, WicoWinner
WeliWely, WeliyCheerful
WacaWacy, WacaaJoyful
WodoWydo, WodohBright, clear
WeraWerah, WeraaTrue
WogiWogy, WogeeTrustworthy
WinaWinah, WinaaFriend
WyraWyrah, WiraFaithful
WudiWudy, WudeeFighter
WaruWaruh, WarruHonest
WacaWacy, WacaaJoyful
WiroWyro, WirowHero
WafaWafaa, WafahLoyalty
WoroWoroh, WorroFighter
WenaWenah, WenaahSun
WimiWimee, WimeySweet
WaduWadoo, WaduhLively
WonaWonah, WonaaMoon
WydiWydie, WydySolider
WojiWojee, WojeTrust
WisoWiso, WysohWise
WanuWanuh, WanooGod
WupiWupie, WupiiLucky
WufuWoofu, WufooBlessings
WijiWijee, WijieSmart
WakaWakaa, WakahCheerful
WonoWonoh, WonooHope
WipaWipah, WipaaBeautiful
WiriWiree, WiryStrong
WodoWodoh, WodowBright
WacoWacco, WakkoHappy
WacoWacco, WakkoHappy
WosoWosoh, WosowTrue
WisiWisie, WisiySmart
WumaWumaa, WumahHorse
WaiWaaie, WaiiWater
WanaWanaa, WanahGarden
WiraWiraah, WirahHero
WinoWinoh, WinoeWinner
WidiWidy, WiddieWise
Thanks for traveling with us through this intriguing list of 50 Asian baby boy names beginning with W. We hope you felt the magic of these names and are one step closer to making your perfect choice. Don’t forget to explore more of our baby name lists for continued inspiration. Happy naming!

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