Vintage to Vogue: 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Beginning With V

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Hello, gorgeous mum-to-be! Let’s embark on an enchanting naming journey as we share 50 Asian baby girl names beginning with V. Our list is expertly curated to inspire you, showcasing names filled with charm, heritage, and uniqueness.

Notable People with Asian Girl Names Starting with V

Dive into the world of inspiring figures like Vera Wang, the iconic American fashion designer, or Viet Trinh, the Vietnamese actress famed for her charismatic performances. Another standout name is Vidya Balan, the celebrated Bollywood actress known for her strong female roles.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
VaaniVani, VaanieSpeech, voice
VarshaVarshah, VarshaaRain, shower
VidyaVidyaa, VidhyaKnowledge, learning
VandanaVandanah, VandanaaWorship, praise
VasudhaVasudhah, VasudhaaEarth, Giver
VineetaVinita, VineetahHumble, modest
VanditaVandiita, VanditaaAdored, praised
VishakhaVishakhah, VishakhaaA star, unfettered
VrindaVrindah, VrindaaTulsi, virtue
VaibhaviVaibhavie, VaibhaviiProsperity, wealth
VaralikaVaralikaa, VaralikahGoddess Durga
VibhaVibhaa, VibhahLight, splendor
VaishnaviVaishnavee, VaishnaviiWorshipper of Vishnu
VaidehiVaidhehi, VaidehiiSita, wife of Lord Rama
VatsalaVatsalah, VatsalaaAffectionate, loving
VipashaVipashaa, VipashahOld name of river Beas
VaishaliVaishalee, VaishaliiAncient city in Bihar
VijayaVijayaa, VijayahVictory, triumph
VrishaVrishah, VrishaaCow, holy
VanyaVanyah, VanyaaGracious gift of God
VaishviVaishvee, VaishviiGoddess Parvati
VritikaVritikaa, VritikahThought, concept
VaasantiVaasantie, VaasantiiSpring festival, happiness
VarunaVarunaa, VarunahGoddess of water
VedaVedah, VedaaKnowledge, sacred scripture
VamikaVamikaa, VamikahGoddess Durga
VanitaVanitah, VanitaaLady, woman
VanshikaVanshikaa, VanshikahFlute
VyominiVyominie, VyominiiDivine, heavenly
VanalikaVanalikaa, VanalikahSunflower
VenyaVenyah, VenyaaLovable
VaidehiVaidhehi, VaidehiiSita, wife of Lord Rama
VaniVanii, VanieGoddess Saraswati
VinayaVinayah, VinayaaModest, humble
VarunaVarunah, VarunaaWater, wave
VaraliVaralee, VaraliiMoon
VibhavariVibhavarie, VibhavariiStar, night
VamakshiVamakshie, VamakshiiBeautiful eyed
VrundaVrundah, VrundaaBasil, Goddess Radha
VyjayanthiVyjayanthie, VyjayanthiiPrize, honor
VyomikaVyomikaa, VyomikahHeavenly, divine
VaridhiVaridhie, VaridhiiGoddess Lakshmi
VanmayiVanmayie, VanmayiiGoddess Saraswati
VartikaVartikaa, VartikahLamp, light
VagishaVagishaa, VagishahGoddess Saraswati
VimlaVimlah, VimlaaClean, unpolluted
VaishaliVaishalii, VaishalieAn ancient city
VrittiVrittii, VrittieNature, temperament
VinniVinnie, VinniiConqueror, winner
VyustaVyustaa, VyustahDawn, morning
Thanks for joining us on this delightful exploration of 50 Asian baby girl names beginning with V. We hope these names inspire you and help guide you on the exciting journey of naming your little princess. Remember to check our other baby name articles for more inspiration. Happy naming!

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