Start Her Journey Right: 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with T

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Choosing your baby’s name feels like painting the very first stroke on a blank canvas. It’s exciting, momentous, and a little bit nerve-racking. That’s why we’ve curated this list of 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with T, to add a touch of novelty and tradition to your exciting naming journey.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with T

Names starting with ‘T’ have graced many influential figures. Tajima Naoko, a renowned Japanese author, uses her voice to champion female empowerment. Taiwanese actress Tsai Chin has made remarkable contributions to the global film industry. Finally, there’s Thuy Trang, whose performance as the original Yellow Ranger in ‘Power Rangers’ made her a beloved figure in American pop culture.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
TamikoTamie, Tami, TomikoChild of the people
TaoPeach, long life
TayaTayahYoung, beautiful
TazukoTazuChild of harmonious joy
TeikoTeikaProsperous child
TenzinTenzen, StenzinHolder of Buddha Dharma
ThaoThau, ThoaRespectful of parents
TharaTara, TharahStar, wealth
TheaTheia, TiaGoddess, godly
ThiTy, TeyPoem, verse
ThuyTuy, ThueyWater, gentle
ThuongThong, ThungTo love, to respect
TingTing-Ting, ThinhGraceful, slim
TinhThin, TinSilent, quiet
TinuvielTinu, TinuvelDaughter of twilight
TomiTomie, TommyWealth, riches
TomokoTomo, TomkaWise child
ToriTory, TorieBird
TranTranh, TronPeaceful, calm
TsubakiSubaki, TsubaCamellia flower
TsubameSubameSwallow (bird)
TsukikoTsuki, TsukoChild of the moon
TsunamiTsu, TsunaHarbor wave
TukiTookie, TukieMoon
TuyenTuen, TuynAngel, fairy
TyTi, TyeBeauty
TzipporahTziporah, ZipporahBird
TamTamm, TamyHeart
TinhThinh, TinSpirit
TipTipp, TipaPeak, top
TingTinge, TingoListen
ThuyThu, ThueWater
ThuTho, ThueAutumn
TienTienne, TienneAngel, fairy
TiaTiah, TyaAunt
ToanToane, ToannSecure, safe
TuTuh, TuoStar
TuyenTueyen, TuyennLine
TaoTaho, TaohPeach
ThuyetThuet, ThuyetaTheory, hypothesis
TeTea, TeeSmall
TinhThin, TingClear, pure
TieuTiu, TiueSmall
TrinhTrin, TrinnHonourable, virtuous
TuyetTuet, TuyeSnow

We hope this list of 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with T has sparked your imagination and helped bring you closer to your important decision. Choosing a name is an incredibly special journey, full of excitement and anticipation. We’d be thrilled to accompany you further on this voyage. Explore more of our curated baby name lists for additional inspiration. Thank you for letting us be a part of your exciting naming journey!

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