50 Asian Baby Girl Names Beginning With R to Cherish Forever

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Hey there, lovely mama-to-be! I’ve gathered a list of 50 amazing Asian baby girl names starting with R, promising uniqueness and cultural richness. Let’s discover together, shall we?

Notable People with Asian Girl Names Starting with R

Meet famous figures like Rani Mukherjee, Bollywood’s acclaimed actress who is loved internationally for her stellar performances. Then there’s Rui En, a talented Singaporean singer and actress adored across Asia. And who could forget Rhatha Phongam, a renowned Thai actress who made waves with her role in ‘Only God Forgives’?

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
RumiRuumi, RumeeBeauty, flow, lapis lazuli
RinaReena, RynaJasmine, blessed, singing
ReiReya, RayeGratitude, lovely, spirit
RikoRyko, ReekoTruth, jasmine child, clever
RenRenn, RhennLove, lotus, romance
RinRhin, RynDignified, cold, dignified
RuiRuyi, RoySharp, clever, affectionate
RihoRyho, RiehoJasmine, sail, ear of grain
RikoRyko, RekoJasmine child, truth
RieRiy, RyeBenefit, blessing
RyouRyo, RyowCool, refreshing
RionRyion, RionnMy joy, my song
RikuRyku, RekuLand, intelligence
RionRyion, RyonnMy joy, slender
RyoRyou, RyoeRefreshing, distant
RaineRaina, RaneQueen, song
RanRaan, RahnOrchid, music, water lily
RhysRys, RiesPassionate, ardent
RaeRea, RheaGrace
RheaRia, ReahFlowing stream
RisaRysa, RisaLaughter, sand of the village river
RaneeRani, RaneyQueen
RaynaRaina, Rayna, ReinaQueen
RubyRubi, RubieRed gemstone
ReenaRina, RenaGem, joyous song
RashaRashah, RashiaYoung gazelle
RashmiRashmie, RashmeeSun’s rays
RoseRoze, RozeRose flower
RuchiRuchie, RuchyLustrous, tasteful
RadhaRadhah, RadhiaSuccessful, worshipped
RakhiRakhie, RakiThread of brother-sister bonding
RaniRanie, RanyQueen
RenuRenoo, RenuuAtom, grain of sand
RukminiRukminee, RukminyConsort of Lord Krishna
RekhaRekhaa, RekahLine, artwork
RoopaRoopah, RupaBeauty, form
RitikaRitikah, RittikaStream, movement
RaginiRaginee, RagineeMelody, music
RamaaRamah, RamaGoddess Lakshmi
RadhikaRadhikah, RadheekaConsort of Lord Krishna
RajaniRajanee, RajaaniNight
RasnaRasnah, RasnaaThe tongue
RajeshwariRajeshwaree, RajeshvariGoddess Parvati
RakheeRakhi, RakeeSymbol of protection
RubainaRubainah, RubaynaBright, illuminated
RamyaRamyah, RamaaBeautiful, delightful
RuchiraRuchirah, RuchyraBeautiful, tasty
RuhiRuhie, RuheeSoul, a spiritual person
RohiniRohinee, RohynyA star, ascendant
RajaniRajany, RajanieDark one, night
Thank you, wonderful moms and dads-to-be, for exploring this list of 50 Asian baby girl names beginning with R with us. We hope these names have sparked inspiration and excitement as you embark on the beautiful journey of parenthood. Don’t forget, we have a myriad of other baby name lists available on our site to inspire you further. Happy name hunting, and here’s to the amazing journey ahead!

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