50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with T: A Mix of Tradition and Trend

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Hey there, supermom-to-be! Finding that perfect name for your little one can be a thrilling adventure, and we’re here to guide you. Dive into our curated list of 50 Asian baby boy names beginning with ‘T’—it’s a treasure trove of special names carrying deep meanings and rich cultural roots.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with T

Ladies, you’d be surprised to know how many successful figures share these unique names. Take Takeshi Kaneshiro, a prominent Japan-born actor, or Tony Leung, the celebrated Hong Kong film star. Or how about Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama? These names not only resonate with Asian heritage but also with achievement and influence.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
TaroTarou, TarohFirst Son
TaikiTakiGreat Radiance
TakumiTakome, TakumieArtisan
ToyoToyohAbundant, Plentiful
ToshiToshio, ToshWise, Alert
TomoTomoh, TomoyKnowledge, Wisdom
TakashiTaka, TakeNoble, Prosperous
TsuyoshiTsuyo, YoshiStrong, Vigorous
TaiTae, TyBig, Tall
TadaoTada, TadLoyal, Faithful
TomokiTom, MokiTree of Knowledge
TetsuyaTetsu, TetsuyPhilosophy, Wisdom
TeijiTei, TeyReign, Rule
TakeshiTakesh, TakeFierce Warrior
TeruyaTeru, TeruyShining Sunshine
TenchiTen, TenshiHeaven and Earth
TadashiTad, TadyLoyal, True Heart
TatsuyaTatsu, TatsuyTo be Competitive
TamotsuTamots, TamProtector, Keeper
TokuTokuo, TokVirtue, Benefit
TatsumaTatsum, TatsuDragon Horse
ToshiakiToshiak, ToshiaBright, Shining
TakahiroTakahir, TakaNobility, Abundance
TooruToru, ToorTransparent, Clear
TakeruTake, TakerBrave Warrior
ToshinoriToshin, ToshinoTalented Rule
TenmaTen, MaHeavenly horse
TaigaTai, GaBig, Bold
TsubasaTsuba, SubaWings
TomoyaTomoy, TomoWise Friend
TakuyaTaku, YuaOpen, Honest
TokiTokie, KieTime of Opportunity
ToshihiroToshihi, HiroGenerous, Tolerant
TamakiTama, MakiJewel, Gem
TaiseiTai, SeiGreat, Calm
TsukasaTsuka, SasaDirector, Officer
TatsuroTatsu, TatsurDragon’s Son
TetsuroTetsu, TetsurPhilosopher’s Son
ToshoTosh, ShoYear of Harvest
TomiTomie, MieRich, Wealthy
TaketoTaket, ToWarrior, Pioneering
TamioTami, MioSelfish, People
TsuneoTsune, EoConstant, Always
TakaoTak, AoNoble, Martial
ToshikiToshik, ToshiTime of Joy
TsutomuTsu, TomuWorker, Labor
TaizoTaiz, ZoThird Son
TominoriTomi, NoriRich Model, Wealthy Norm
TakafumiTaka, FumiNoble, History
TeruhiroTeru, HiroShining Prodigy
ToshiyaToshi, YaForever Healing, Eternal Harmony
TakashiTak, ShiNoble, Prosperous
TsukasaTsuka, SasaDirector, Officer
TomohiroTomo, HiroAbundant Wisdom, Knowledge
TaishiroTai, ShiroGreat Son, Elder
TakemaTake, MaBrave, True Horse
TomosukeTomo, SukeWise Helper

Thank you for journeying through our exciting list of 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with T. We hope you’ve found names that spark joy and resonate with your dreams for your little one. There’s a whole world of baby names to explore on our site—why not continue the adventure? Keep exploring, keep getting inspired!

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