Echoing Elegance: 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Beginning With U

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Greetings, beautiful mama-to-be! Today, let’s venture into the world of unique names as we unveil 50 Asian baby boy names beginning with U. This list is full of charm and rich traditions, perfect for your little prince!

Notable People with Asian Boy Names Starting With U

Think about inspirational figures like U Thant, the 3rd Secretary-General of the United Nations from Myanmar, or Uttam Kumar, the legendary film actor from India renowned for his contribution to Bengali cinema. Another influential personality is Ueli Steck, the Swiss rock climber and mountaineer who has inspired many with his daring ascents.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UdayUdaie, UdayeTo rise, dawn
UtkarshUttkarsh, UtkarshProsperity, advancement
UmarUmer, UmarrLife, long-lived
UjwalUjjwal, UjvalBright, clear
UtpalUttpal, UtppalWater lily, blooming
UshijUsij, UshiijWise, learned one
UddhavUdhav, UddhavvA festival, friend of Krishna
UlaganUlagaan, UlagannWorldly, universal
UpendraUpindra, UpendhraAn element, another name for Vishnu
UtkrishtUttkrisht, UtkrishttSuperior, best
UrvilUrwill, UrvillOcean
UlagappanUlagaappan, UlaghappanCreator of the world
UddiptaUddiptah, UdiptaShining, glowing
UshnisinUshnisinn, UshnisinLord Buddha
UddiranUddirann, UddihranLord Vishnu
UdyanUdyaan, UdhyanGarden, moving forward
UjagarUjaghar, UjaagarFamous, renowned
UmangUmaang, UmanggEnthusiasm, eagerness
UnmeshUnnesh, UnmeshhEternal happiness, to reveal
UtsavUttasav, UtsaavCelebration, joy
UddeepUddeip, UdhdeepIlluminating, shining
UpahaarUphaar, UpaarGift, offering
UrishitaUrishitah, UrisshitaFirm, determined
UtpattiUtpatti, UttpattiCreation, production
UpaguptaUpgupta, UpagupttaName of a Buddhist Monk
UlaganathanUlaganaathan, UlaganaatanMaster of the Universe
UjjayanUjjayen, UjjayunConqueror, victorious
UnnabhUnnabh, UnnaabhHigh, superior
UtpalakshUtpalakshh, UtpaalakshLotus-eyed
UttalUttaal, UutalStrong, hard
UshnisUshniss, UshnisA crown, crest, diadem
UjjaljeetUjjaljit, UjjaljeettVictorious
UpanshuUpannshu, UppanshuChanting of hymns
UttungUttungg, UuttungHigh, loftiness
UpalUpaal, UppalSandy shore, precious stone
UdyanpalUdyanpaal, UdyaanpalKeeper of the Garden
UtkayUttkay, UtkaiyJoyful, happy
UjjayUjjaay, UjjaiyConqueror, victorious
UdantUdantt, UdhaantCorrect message, good news
UjeshUjeshe, UjeshhOne who bestows light
UddeshUddeshe, UddeshhAim, target
UpjeetUpjeett, UppjeetOf exalted victory
UrdhavUrdhavv, UrdhvHigh, superior
UdishUdishe, UdishhRising, a start
UnnatUnnaat, UnnatHigh, heightened
UrvaranUrvaraann, UrvaraanOcean
UnnabhUnnaabh, UnabhHigh, lofty
UrvishUrvishh, UrwishKing of the Earth
UtkalUttkal, UtkallA part of India
UmitUmitt, UmeetHope
UcchalUcchall, UcchalPerception, intelligence
Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey of exploration into 50 Asian baby boy names beginning with U. We hope these name ideas have sparked your imagination and helped you feel a step closer to finding the perfect name for your little one. Continue the naming adventure by checking out our other baby name articles, each packed full of inspiration to guide you on this amazing journey. Happy naming!

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