Ignite Uniqueness: 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Beginning With U

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Hello radiant mama-to-be! Join us on an exciting journey across Asia as we uncover 50 baby girl names beginning with U. Filled with charm and steeped in rich traditions, there’s sure to be a name here perfect for your little princess!

Notable People with Asian Girl Names Starting with U

There’s Utada Hikaru, the Japanese-American singer who’s enchanted both sides of the Pacific with her voice. Or Uma Thurman, the actress known for her power-packed performances. Don’t forget Uyen Thy, the Vietnamese-American chef who’s made a name for herself in the culinary world.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UmaUmma, OumaLight, nation
UshaUshaa, UshahDawn, sunrise
UrviUrvie, UrveeEarth, wide
UjalaUjaala, UjjalaBright, light
UrvashiUrvashie, UrvashyHeavenly nymph
UnnathiUnnati, UnnathieProgress, high point
UtsaUtsaa, UtsahSource, strength
UmiUmmi, UmieLife, mother
UtharaUtharaa, UtharahNorth
UdyatiUdyatie, UdyatyElevated, risen
UjasUjasz, UjassBright, powerful
UlkaUlkah, UulkaMeteor, fire
UjjaniniUjjaninie, UjjaninyAn ancient city
UshikaUshikaa, UshikahDawn
UpasnaUpasnaa, UpasnawWorship, veneration
UnaizaUnaizaa, UnaizahSheep, one who loves
UrvikaUrvikaa, UrvikahFresh, powerful
UshikaUshikaa, UshickaDawn, early morning
UdgitaUdgita, UdgithaA hymn, Lord Shiva
UmayalUmayall, UmayallGoddess Parvati
UnmaUnmah, UunmaJoy, happiness
UpadaUpadah, UpaadahA gift, an offering
UdichiUdichie, UdichyOne who grows with prosperity
UthamiUthamie, UthamyHonest, virtuous
UllupiUllupie, UllupyA wife of Arjuna
UnmeshaUnmeshaa, UnmeshahOpening the eyes
UtpaliniUtpalinie, UtpalinyLotus pond
UduUduu, UduhStar
UdiptiUdiptie, UdiptyOn fire, glowing
UnnatiUnnaty, UnnatieProgress, advancement
UrishillaUrishillaa, UrishillahBright, powerful
UpmaUpmah, UpmahThe best
UtsaviUtsavie, UtsavyJoyful, festive
UmmidUmmida, UmmidahHope, expectation
UllasitaUllasitaa, UllasitahLighted up, delighted
UnnatiUnnaty, UnnatieProgress, advancement
UjvalaUjvalaa, UjvalahBright, clear
UdgauriUdgaurie, UdgaurieGlowing, radiant
UthkrishtaUthkrishtaa, UthkrishtahSuperior, highest
UjjwalaUjjwalaa, UjjwalahBright, lighted
UtkalaUtkalaa, UtkalahExcellence
UnmeshaUnmeshaa, UnmeshahOpening the eyes
UdantikaUdantikaa, UdantikahSatisfaction, fulfilling
UsharviUsharvie, UsharvyRaga in the morning
UjwalaUjwalaa, UjwalahBright, lighted
UdiptiUdiptie, UdiptyOn fire
UdishaUdishaa, UdishahFirst rays of the new dawn
UpasanaUpasanaa, UpasanahVeneration, worship
UrvijaUrvijaa, UrvijahGoddess of river
UjjayiniUjjayinie, UjjayinyAn ancient city
Thanks for joining us on this journey through 50 Asian baby girl names beginning with U. We hope these names have filled your imagination and brought you closer to choosing the ideal name for your precious little one. Be sure to check out our other baby name lists on our site for more inspiration. Happy naming, and embrace the joy of this exciting time!

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