50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with S and Their Unique Stories

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Hello, expecting mamas! Are you on the quest for a unique and meaningful name for your baby girl? Dive into our curated list of 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with S, and discover a name that resonates with your heart and heritage.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with S

Meet some inspiring figures bearing these names: Sayuri Kim, an acclaimed concert violinist; Sana Minatozaki, a member of the globally successful K-POP group, TWICE; and Sachi Parker, an actress and daughter of Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine. These names have graced the talents, both in the East and West, hence proving their universal appeal.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. SakuraSakurako, SakurraCherry Blossom
2. SachiSachie, SachikoHappiness
3. SunSunnie, SunniBending, Decrease
4. SoraSorah, SoraiSky
5. SukiSukie, SukyBeloved
6. SaikoSaika, SaikahThe Best
7. SatsukiSatzuki, SatskiMay
8. ShinjuShinjou, ShinjuePearl
9. SuzuSuzue, SuzueeBell
10. SumireSumiri, SumirViolet
11. ShioriShioree, ShioreBookmark
12. SuzumeSuzumi, SuzumieSparrow
13. SayoSayoh, SayoeEvening
14. SaoriSaorrie, SaorriSand painting
15. ShikaShikah, ShikaaDeer
16. SanaeSanaa, SanaeeRice sprout
17. SuzunaSuzunah, SuzunaaBellflower
18. ShokoShokoh, ShokoeAuspicious child
19. SakuyaSakuyah, SakuyaaBlossoming night
20. SetsukoSetsukoh, SetsukoeTemperance child
21. ShinaShinah, ShinaaVirtue, Good
22. SayuriSayurie, SayureeSmall lily
23. ShinobuShinobee, ShinobieEndurance
24. SuzukoSuzukoh, SuzukoeBell child
25. SoraSorah, SoraiSky
26. ShizuShizue, ShizooeQuiet
27. SachiyoSachiye, SachiyoeeBlessed generation
28. SeikoSeikoh, SeikoeSincere child
29. ShihoShihoh, ShihoeLavish
30. SuzuhanaSuzuhanah, SuzuhanaaBellflower
31. SatsukiSatzuki, SatskiMay
32. SakuraSakurra, SakurakoCherry Blossom
33. SayaSayaa, SayahSand silk
34. ShokoShokoh, ShokoeAuspicious child
35. ShinoShinoo, ShinohBamboo stalk
36. SawaSawaa, SawahMarsh
37. ShizukaShizukah, ShizukaaQuiet summer
38. ShigekoShigekoh, ShigekoeGrowing child
39. SayakaSayakah, SayakaaClear one
40. SaeSaee, SaehImperial
41. ShinobuShinobee, ShinobieEndurance
42. SachikoSachikoh, SachikoeJoyful, Happy child
43. SaekoSaekoh, SaekoeSerene child
44. SakiSakie, SakiiBlossom of hope
45. SanaeSanaee, SanaehRice sprout
46. ShizueShizuee, ShizuehQuiet branch
47. SuzuSuzue, SuzueeBell
48. SumireSumiree, SumirehViolet
49. ShizuhoShizuhoe, ShizuhoeeQuiet step
50. SariSarie, SariiPrincess

Thank you for journeying with us through these 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with S. We hope you found inspiration in the stories, meanings, and the notable people who carry these names. Remember, the perfect name for your little one is waiting to be discovered. Explore more of our baby name idea lists to continue your exciting naming adventure. Happy naming!

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