50 Asian Baby Boy Names Beginning With R: Richly Inspiring!

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Embarking on the fascinating journey of naming your baby boy? If ‘R’ is your letter of choice, you’re in for a treat! Dive into our rich list of 50 Asian baby boy names beginning with ‘R’!

Notable People with ‘R’ Names

There are numerous notable figures with names starting with ‘R’. For instance, ‘Roger Federer’, the legendary tennis player, ‘Robert Downey Jr.’, the beloved actor, and ‘Richard Branson’, the charismatic entrepreneur, all carry impactful ‘R’ names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. RaviRavee, Raavi, RavySun
2. RajRaaj, Raje, RajjKingdom
3. RahulRahool, Raul, RahoulTraveller
4. RamRamm, Ramu, RaamPleasing
5. RishiRishie, Rishy, ReshiSage
6. RiteshRitish, Riteesh, RitashLord of Truth
7. RohanRohaan, Rohen, RohunAscending
8. RakeshRakeesh, Rakesh, RaakeshLord of the Night
9. RizwanRizwaan, Rizvaan, RizvanContentment
10. RameshRamesh, Rameesh, RameshhLord Rama
11. RatanRattan, Ratn, RatanhJewel
12. RanjanRanjhan, Ranjon, RanjaneEntertaining
13. RonakRohnak, Ronaak, RonackCelebration
14. RupeshRoopesh, Rupash, RoopeeshLord of Beauty
15. RaghuRaghoo, Ragu, RaaghuSwift
16. RajeevRajiv, Rajeeve, RajeevLotus Flower
17. RajeshRajeshe, Rajeesh, RajeshhLord of Kings
18. RoshanRoshen, Roshun, RooshanBright, Shinning
19. RashidRasheed, Rashed, RaashidRightly-guided
20. RohitRohith, Rohet, RoheetRed
21. RajanRjaan, Rahan, RajannKing
22. RamanRamann, Ramaan, RamenPleasing
23. RohiniRohinee, Roheni, RohhiniStar
24. RaghavRaghava, Raghuv, RaaghavLord Rama
25. RajatRajatt, Raajat, RajetSilver
26. RaviRavee, Raavi, RavieSun
27. RahulRahool, Ruhul, RahhulTraveller
28. RajuRajo, Rajoo, RajhueKing
29. RohitRohiht, Rohiet, RohittRed
30. RajanRajaan, Rajun, RajhanKing
31. RakeshRakeesh, Rakeshh, RaakeshLord of the Night
32. RishabRishabh, Rishaab, RishobSuperior, Excellent
33. RanbirRanbeer, Ranbhir, RaanbirBrave Warrior
34. RaghavRaghuv, Raghava, RaaghavLord Rama
35. RajendraRajendhra, Rajindra, RajendaraKing of Kings
36. RameshwarRameshwer, Rameshvar, RameswarLord of Rama
37. RamkrishnaRamakrishna, Ramkrishan, RamakrishanLord Rama and Krishna
38. RishikeshRishikesha, Rishikash, RishikeshhLord of Senses
39. RamanujanRamanujam, Ramanuhjan, RamanoojanBrother of Rama
40. RajivlochanRajivlochen, Rajivlochhan, RajeevlochanThe one with Lotus Eyes
41. RishitRishyt, Rishitt, RishyatThe Best, Learned
42. RickRik, Rikk, RyckBrave Ruler
43. RivanRivan, Ryvan, RivenStar
44. RitwikRitwic, Ritvick, RitvickPriest
45. RaghbirRaghbeer, Raghbhir, RaghbeirBrave Lord
46. RaghuveerRaghuvir, Raghubeer, RaghuverLord Rama
47. RanveerRanvir, Ranveir, RanvyrHero of the Battle
48. RupendraRupinder, Ruphendra, RoopendraLord of the form
49. RajakRajaak, Rajack, RajaqRadiant King
50. RatishRatysh, Rattish, RatishhCupid
Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Asian baby boy names beginning with ‘R’. We hope it’s sparked some exciting ideas and brought you closer to finding the perfect name for your little one. Don’t forget to check out more of our baby names lists on our site for more inspiration. Happy naming journey!

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