50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with P: Inspire a Powerful Legacy

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Hey there, future momma! We know how exciting and meaningful choosing your baby’s name can be. So, we’ve curated a wonderful list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with P to spark joy and inspiration in you!

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with P

From international movie stars like Priyanka Chopra to popular singers like Park Bom, several influential women with Asian baby girl names starting with P have left significant imprints on the global stage. Their names carry a sense of cultural richness and personal strength, making them fantastic options when considering a name for your little one.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PrishaPresha, PrisshaBeloved, God’s gift
PadmaPadmavati, PadmajaLotus Blossom
PariParina, ParinitaFairy, Angel
PoojaPuja, PujitaPrayer, Worship
PrernaPrerana, PreritaInspiration, Encouragement
PallaviPalaavi, PalviNew leaves, Blossoming
PriyankaPriyanka, PariyankaBeautiful, Lovable Act
PritiPreety, PreetiLove, Affection
PiaPiya, PiyuBeloved, Pious
ParulParula, PaarulGraceful, Flow of Water
PragatiPragathi, PragathikaProgress, Improvement
PayalPaayal, PayelAnklet
ParvatiParvathi, ParvatheeGoddess, Wife of Lord Shiva
PadminiPadminee, PadmyniLotus Pond
PreetPreeth, PritLove, Affection
PinkyPingky, PynkyFinger Tip, Very Dear
PreetikaPreetica, PritykaSmall Love, The One Loved
PrabhaPrabhaa, PrabhahLight, Glow, Shine
PunamPoonam, PoonumFull Moon
PratibhaPratiba, PrathibhaTalent, Brilliance
PritikaPreetika, PritykaLoved One, Dear One
PreetiPreety, PritiLove, Affection
PunyaPunia, PounyaVirtuous, Meritorious
PavitraPavithra, PaveetraPure, Sacred
PritalPritaal, PreetalLoved One
PihuPihoo, PihoChirp of Bird, Peahen
PranitaPranitha, PraneetaPromoted, Leader
PritikaPreetika, PritykaLoved One, Dear One
ParnikaParnica, ParnykaA Small Leaf, Parvati
ParmitaParmitha, ParmeetaWisdom, Knowledge
PrakritiPrakrithi, PrakrutiNature, Beautiful
PakhiPakhee, PaakhiBird, Free Bird
PavanaPavna, PavanahHoly, Sacred
PavaniPavni, PavneeGoddess Ganges, Pure Water
PeytonPaiton, PaytonFighting Man’s Estate
PadmavatiPadmavatee, PadmavathyGoddess Lakshmi, Lotus
PankajaPankajaa, PankajahLotus Flower
PakshalikaPakshalikaa, PakshalykaOn the Right Path
PhalguniPhalgunee, PhalgunyBorn in Falgun, A Hindu Month, Arjun
PrashantiPrashantee, PrashantyPeaceful, Patience
PrashansaPrashansaa, PrashansahPraise, Appreciation
PreetishaPreetishaa, PreetyshaSymbol of Love
PranaviPranavee, PranavyGoddess Parvathi
PavithravathiPavithravathee, PavithravathySacred
PurvajaPurwaja, PurrvajaElder Sister
PanchamiPanchamie, PanchamyFifth, Bright
PrathikshaPrathikshaa, PrathikshahWait, Hope
PadmagrihaPadmagrihah, PadmagreehaWho resides in a Lotus
PadmabandhuPadmabandoo, PadmabandhooFriend of Lotus, Sun
ParamjyotiParamjyothy, ParamjyoteeThe greatest splendor

Thank you for exploring our curated list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with P. Naming your baby is such a wonderful, exciting journey and we’re proud to be part of it. Don’t forget to check out our other name lists for more inspiration, and remember, the perfect name for your little princess is out there waiting for you!

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