Inspire Greatness with these 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with Q

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Just like your journey to motherhood, choosing a name for your little girl is an adventure! Scroll through these 50 Asian baby girl names starting with Q to find a unique name that resonates with your heart.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with Q

Names beginning with Q are rarer, making them unique and memorable. Quvenzhané Wallis, for instance, is a young American actress who made a splash with her name and talent. Another influential figure, Qiu Jin, was a pioneering feminist and poet in China.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
QianChienMoney, value
QuyenQuynhBird, songbird
QiaChiaElegant, outstanding
QiuyueCh’iu-yuehAutumn moon
QingChingAzure, blue-green
QingshanChing-shanAzure mountain
QinglingChing-lingAzure bell
QiaolianChiao-lienDelicate lotus
QiaohuiChiao-huiDelicate wisdom
QiaofenChiao-fenDelicate fragrance
QiaoChiaoSkillful, clever
QiChiWonderful, remarkable
QuảngQuangLight, clear
QiaoJieChiao-chiehBeautiful and outstanding
QingYanChing-yanClear and beautiful
QinglingChing-lingSpirit of purity
QiuxiangCh’iu-hsiangAutumn fragrance
QiufenCh’iu-fenAutumn fragrance
QiuyanCh’iu-yenAutumn swallow
QuyềnQuyenPower, right
QiaoliChiao-liBeautiful Jasper
QingfenChing-fenPure fragrance
QiaofangChiao-fangDelicate fragrant
QiulanCh’iu-lanAutumn orchid
QihuiCh’i-huiRemarkable wisdom
QiumeiCh’iu-meiAutumn beauty
QiminCh’i-minPeople’s kindness
QihuaCh’i-huaRemarkable flower
QinghuaChing-huaBlue flower
QiongChiungBeautiful Jade
QingchenChing-chenMorning light
QianruCh’ien-juGentle as water
QianqianCh’ien-ch’ienGentle and kind
QiaolianChiao-lienCute and kind
QiaoyaChiao-yaElegant and beautiful
QiaomeiChiao-meiBeautiful and wonderful
QiurongCh’iu-jungMelting into gentleness
QianhuiCh’ien-huiWarm and kind
QiaozhenChiao-chenTrue and beautiful
QinyinCh’i-yinSilver treasure
QiaoliChiao-liBeautiful and pretty

Thank you for embarking on this name journey with us. We hope our list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with Q has given you plenty of inspiration for your little girl’s name. Keep the inspiration coming by exploring more of our unique baby name lists. Every name is a new adventure waiting for you!

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