50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with P: Find Your Baby’s Perfect Match

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Embracing your little one’s arrival soon? It’s a whirlwind of emotions, isn’t it? Amidst all the anticipation, choosing the perfect name stands out as a significant event. Our list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with P presents a unique blend of tradition, meaning, and modernity.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with P

From film to sports, there’s no shortage of inspiring figures bearing Asian baby boy names starting with P. Priyanka Chopra, the Indian actress and winner of Miss World 2000, has managed to establish her name internationally. Then there’s Prakash Padukone, a world-renowned badminton player from India. His achievements continue to inspire aspiring athletes worldwide.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. PranavPranava, PranavendraFrom the sacred Hindu symbol Om
2. PrateekPratik, PratiqueSymbol, Reflection
3. PrakashPrakaash, PrakashaLight, Shine
4. PhirunPherun, FirunRain (Cambodian)
5. PradeepPradip, PradeeptLight, Shine
6. PrabalPrabhal, PrabaalStrong (Nepali)
7. ParthPaarth, ParthaEmperor (Hindi)
8. PritamPreetham, PreetamBeloved
9. PrithviPrithvee, PrithiveeEarth
10. PakpaoPakpao, PakpaoKite (Thai)
11. PrajitPrajith, PrajytWinning (Hindi)
12. PalashPalas, PaloshA Flowering Tree (Bengali)
13. PranayPraney, PranaeLove (Hindi)
14. ParamParama, ParomThe Supreme (Sanskrit)
15. PitambarPitamber, PeetambarYellow-robed
16. PrabhakarPrabhkar, PrabhakaarSun (Hindi)
17. PrudhviPrudvi, PrudhveeEarth
18. PavanPawan, PaavanWind, Air
19. ParameshParameshwar, ParameshaLord Shiva
20. PrathamPrathama, PrathemFirst
21. PranjalPranjul, PranjjalHonest, Dignified
22. ParikshitPareekshit, PariksithTested One
23. PramodPramoda, PramothJoy, Delight
24. PujitPoojit, PujithWorshipped
25. PannaponPanapon, PannapunWar (Thai)
26. PravalPravaal, PravallCoral
27. PrabalPrabala, PrabaalCoral
28. PrabhatPrabhath, PrabahtMorning
29. ParnavParnava, ParnevBird
30. PragunPraguna, PragunnStraight, Honest
31. PurushottamPurushotam, PurushothamBest among men
32. PuravPuraav, PuravvEast
33. PrayagPrayaag, PrayagaConfluence of Rivers
34. PraneshPranisha, PraneshaLord of Life
35. PrayasPrayasa, PrayassEffort
36. PunitPuneet, PooneetPure, Holy
37. PihuPeehu, PihoSound of a Bird
38. PrushottamPrushotam, PrushotamGreatest of Men
39. PushkarPushkara, PushkarrLotus, A Holy Lake
40. PranitPraneet, PranithLed, Guided
41. PrabelPrabeel, PrabillKindness
42. PratyushPratyoosh, PratyushaSun
43. PriteshPreetesh, PreetheshLord of Love
44. PravatPravath, PravathHistory
45. PravirPraveer, PraviraBrave, Heroic
46. PrithuPrithoo, PrithouThe Earth
47. ProbalProbhal, ProballPossibility
48. ParamvirParamveer, ParamviraUltimate Hero
49. PranshuPranshoo, PranshTall, Ray of Light
50. PraveshPraveshh, PravashEntrance

That concludes our carefully curated list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with P. We hope it has sparked inspiration, added an exciting twist to your name-searching journey, and helped you find a unique and meaningful name for your baby boy. Keep your naming adventure going by checking out more of our diverse range of baby-name idea lists. Thank you for sharing this special journey with us!

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