Stamping Individuality: 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with O

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Hey there, future mama! Picking your baby’s name is a heart-filled journey that begins long before you hold him in your arms. Dive into our curated list of 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with O, and find the perfect moniker that resonates with your little one’s budding personality.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with O

Many influential figures proudly carry Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with O. Take inspiration from Osamu Tezuka, a legendary Japanese manga artist known as the “god of comics”. Or reflect on Olympic gold medalist Ota Yuki, who brought pride to the Japanese nation with his judo prowess.

OkiOky, OkihikoOcean centered
OmarOmer, OhmarEloquent, speaker
OsamuOsa, OsamDisciplined, studious
OmkarOm, OmkaraSymbol of divinity
OkihiroHiro, OkhiroBroad ocean
OritsuOri, OritsuhoA gentleman
OnijiOni, OnijiroOf great willpower
OsakiOsa, OsakieBig, well
OtomeOto, OtomekaSound from the cherry blossoms
OtojiroJiro, OtojirouSecond son
OtsukiOts, OtsukieBig moon
OsugiOsu, OsugieBig cedar
OsukeOsu, OsukieBig rescue
OteraOte, OterashiGreat temple
OtakiTaki, OtakieBig waterfall
OsoneOso, OsonieGreat sound
OsoreOso, OsoreyBig, respect
OsumuOsum, OsumuhoGreat realization
OtadaOta, OtadashiGreat rice field
ObitoObi, ObitoeFly over the great
ObaOb, ObaeGreat place
OtoO, OtoeSound
OmotoOmot, OmotoeSource sound
OtsukotoOtsu, OtsukotoeBig and timeless
OdakeOda, OdakeeBig bamboo
OsadaOsad, OsadashiGreat rice paddy
OrinoOri, OrinohWorker in the field
OkimiOkimi, OkiminaGreat lord
OgiOg, OgishiGreat tree
OdoriOdor, OdorieLarge bird
OgataOga, OgataeGreatness
OishiOis, OishieGreat stone
OkawaOka, OkawaeGreat river
OomaeOom, OomaeGreat front
OzakiOza, OzakieGreat cape
OoiOoieGreat well
OharaOhar, OharaeGreat field
OuchiOuchieGreat market
OritoOritWoven cloth
OkamuraOkam, OkamuraeGreat village
OikawaOik, OikawaeGreat riverbank
OnodaOnod, OnodaeGreat field
OokuboOok, OokuboeBig hollow
OrinoOrin, OrinoeWorker of the field
OyaOyaeGreat valley
OkanoOkan, OkanoeGreat field
OkuboOkub, OkuboeGreat hollow
OkudaOkud, OkudaeGreat rice paddy
OshimaOshim, OshimaeGreat island
OtsukaOtsuk, OtsukaeGreat hill

That brings us to the end of our ride through 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with O. We hope you enjoyed this journey as much as we enjoyed being your companion. The joy of exploring baby names is truly special, isn’t it? To continue this exciting journey, check out more of our baby name lists and articles. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect name for your little one!

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